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Texas Boat Bill of Sale Form

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Texas Boat Bill of Sale Form

Updated May 31, 2023

A Texas boat bill of sale is a document that provides a record of the transfer of ownership of a vessel in the State of Texas. The document will information about the seller and buyer, a description of the vessel, and the circumstances of the transaction, including the sales price and the date of exchange. In Texas, a bill of sale or an invoice of some kind is required for any transfer of vessel ownership.

Table of Contents

Registering a Boat

Any boat in the state of Texas that is motorized or over fourteen (14) feet in length must be registered to travel on Texas waters. Buyers have up to forty-five (45) days after purchasing a boat to submit a title and registration application. Vessel registrations endure for two (2) years. Once registered, renewals may be done online.

Where to Register

Registration may be completed at an office of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and some law enforcement stations.

Required Documents