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Washington D.C. Corporate Bylaws Template

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Washington D.C. Corporate Bylaws Template

Updated April 25, 2023

Washington D.C. corporate bylaws set forth the rules and operating procedures for a corporation in the District of Colombia. These can cover a range of matters, from the structure of the board of directors to the appointment of its members. The bylaws should be readily available to all shareholders, but do not need to be filed with the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. Bylaws can be amended or repealed by the corporation’s shareholders or board of directors.

Required in Washington D.C.? Yes (§ 29–302.06)


Emergency Bylaws

The board of directors may adopt bylaws effective only in an emergency to manage procedures for calling meetings, quorum requirements for the meeting, and designation of additional or substitute directors. The emergency bylaws are no longer effective after the emergency, defined by the law as “some catastrophic event,” ends. (§ 29–302.07).

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