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Colorado Quit Claim Deed Form

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Colorado Quit Claim Deed Form

Updated September 06, 2023

A Colorado quitclaim deed is used to transfer property without a warranty from the seller. There is no specific guarantee the seller has exclusive claim to the Property at hand or even the Title. Conceivably, they could be transferring no interest in the property. They are basically just transferring their right to claim an interest in the property if they have one. It is important that if parties are using this type of deed that there is no question about what title is being transferred. A thorough title or property record search should be completed in all land transfers.


  • Signing (§ 38-35-103) – The quitclaim deed in Colorado must be acknowledged in front of a notary public.
  • StatuteSection 38-30-113(1)(d)
  • Specific Language – The word “convey” must not be allowed in the document and rather should be replaced with the word “quitclaim”. For example, “A hereby quitclaims to B….”