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Kansas Special Warranty Deed Form

Kansas Special Warranty Deed Form

Updated July 17, 2023

A Kansas special warranty deed is a legal form used to transfer land and buildings from one person (the grantor or seller) to another (the grantee or buyer). A special warranty provides limited warranty as to title, meaning that the grantor warrants only that he or she has not transferred any interest in the property to another while he or she has owned it, but grantor makes no warranties as to any transfers that occurred prior to his acquiring the property. It is important for the buyer to conduct a property or title search in order to determine the exact interest that he or she is purchasing.

Laws – Chapter 58, Article 22. Conveyances of Land

Recording (K.S.A. § 58-2221) – Must be filed at the County Recorder’s Office in the district where the property is situated (Find Your County).

Signing (K.S.A. § 58-2205) – Must be signed in the presence of a Notary Public.

How to Write

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I. Preparer Of Kansas Issue

(1) Kansas Issue Preparer. The Preparer of the Kansas declaration that real property ownership shall be conveyed or transferred from its Current Owner to a new Party must be identified by documenting his or her name in the first section.

(2) Mailing Address Of Kansas Document Preparer. Record the mailing address of the Kansas Document Preparer.

II. Intended Filing Recipient

(3) Post-Filing Destination. After this document is signed and notarized it will have to be filed with the County Recorder’s Office where the Kansas property is located. The Country Recorder’s Office will then seek to return this document to the Grantor, Grantee, or some other Party as indicated by the name and mailing address presented in the second section.

III. Current Owner Of Kansas Property

(4) Grantor Of Kansas Real Property. This declaration shall function as an instrument to transfer one Party’s ownership over a Kansas real property to another. The Kansas Property Owner or the Kansas Property Grantor of this form must sign it property effect this release. Before doing so, the full name of the Kansas Real Property Grantor must be distributed to the first statement.

(5) Address Of The Kansas Grantor Of Property. Three distinct areas are available in this statement so that the Kansas Grantor reported above may also have his or her street address presented.

(6) Indiana County and the State Of Kansas Grantor. Document the Indiana Grantor’s home County and State of residence where requested.

IV. Property Payment

(7) Payment Submitted For Real Property. This written instrument will also require that the payment submitted to the Kansans Property Grantor is recorded. This should be done by writing out the amount he or she was paid then producing it numerically.

V. Kansas Property Conveyance

(8) Recipient Of Kansas Property. The identity of the intended Grantee of the Kansas real property is the next topic that must be addressed. Only the Party listed as the Kansas Grantee in this instrument will be given the ownership over the Kansas real property possessed by the Grantor. Furnish the full name of every Individual who will be granted ownership of the Kansas real property through this written instrument in the spaces provided.

(9) Address Of Kansas Grantee. Support the identification of the Kansas Grantee by dispensing his or her entire address across this statement beginning with the street address of his or her home.

(10) County And State Of Kansas Grantee. Conclude this report on the Recipient of the Kansas real property by furnishing the appropriate County and State to the residential address previously recorded.

VI. Description Of Kansas Property

(11) County Of Interest. Furnish the name of the Kansas County of the property being conveyed.

(12) Kansas Property Description. The legal description of the Kansas real property with its physical (geographical) address must be supplied to this document to establish it as the property being conveyed.

VII. Kansas Property Grantor Action

(13) Act Of Kansas Grantor Signing. The Kansas Grantor will be expected to sign his or her name in order to place this instrument into effect. Each Kansas Grantor that has been established in the first paragraph should sign this instrument.

(14) Kansas Grantor Name And Address. The Kansas Property Grantor must support his or her signature with a production of his or her name ad address in print.

VIII. Notarization Of Kansas Grantor Execution

(15) Notarization Of Kansas Grantor Signing. The Notary Public who will work to subject the Kansas Grantor signature to the verification process of notarization. The last section of this instrument has been included for this process to be demonstrated by the observing Notary Public.