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Maine Special Warranty Deed Form

Maine Special Warranty Deed Form

Updated April 11, 2024

A Maine special warranty deed is similar to a warranty deed in that it provides a warranty from a seller to a buyer, but unlike a warranty deed, only guarantees that the seller did not convey any interest to another during the time that the seller owned the property. However, the grantor makes no guarantees of any claims or interests that may have been conveyed in the property prior to his acquiring the property. The deed must be acknowledged by a notary public licensed in Maine and then filed with the register of deeds in the county in which the property is located.

Laws – Title 33 (Property)

Recording – A special warranty deed is required to be filed with the Registry of Deeds where the property is located.[1]

Signing – The Grantor(s) are required to sign this document in front of a Notary Public or Officer of the Court.[2]

How to Write

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I. Maine Information Reporter

(1) Reporting Party. The facts this document requests must be provided to its content by a Party who is ready to be identified as the Reporter of this information. The full name of the Individual acting as this Reporter must be on display at the start of this paperwork.

(2) Maine Document Preparer Address. The presented Reporter will also be required to make sure his or her business or mailing address is supplied with his or her identity.

II. Post-Filing Instructions To Registry Of Deeds

(3) Filed Deed Recipient. Once this filing is completed with the Maine Registry of Deeds, this Office will relinquish control of this document to the Party identified as the Mail Recipient in the second section.

(4) Address Of Filed Deed Recipient. The mailing address where the Maine Registry of Deeds must send this deed after filing should be distributed to the second and final header area of this document.

III. Maine Real Property Seller As Grantor

(5) Identity Of Maine Real Property Seller. This paperwork will seek the name of the Maine Real Estate Seller. Use the first space presented in the conveyance statement to establish the identity of each Maine Real Property Seller as the Grantor in this document. Be advised, only the Maine Property Sellers named as Grantors in this statement may participate in this document’s execution.

(6) Address Of Maine Real Property Grantor. The residential (home) address of the Maine Real Property or Real Estate Grantor will be required across the next few spaces. This should be presented as the physical street address of the Maine Real Property Grantor’s home, the name of the appropriate Count for this street address, and, finally, the State where this address is located. Every Grantor of Maine property must have his or her address submitted along with his or her identity.

IV. Payment Of Maine Real Estate

(7) Submitted Payment. The received payment for the Maine property should be put in writing then entered numerically. The amount reported here will act as confirmation that the Maine Grantor has received the payment needed to release ownership over the concerned real estate.

V. Maine Real Property Purchaser As Grantee

(8) Name Of Maine Real Estate Purchaser. The Party or Parties purchasing the Maine real estate should be named as the target of its ownership. The legal name of every Purchaser set to take ownership over the concerned Maine real estate as the Grantee is required by this statement so this document may function correctly. Any Party not named as a Maine Property Grantee in this statement will be unable to use this document to receive ownership from the Grantor. 

(9) Address Of Maine Grantee. Supply the formal street address where the Maine Property Grantee’s home is found (i.e. the building number/street or road/apartment) as well as the name of the appropriate County of this street address then, the State.

VI. Maine Property

(10) Maine County Of Effect. The jurisdiction that governs the property being transferred will be required for this discussion. Furnish the name of the County where the Maine property is geographically located.

(11) Maine Property Definition. The legal description kept on the books with the State of Maine to define the property should be submitted to this discussion on its conveyance. Additionally, make sure the complete physical address where it can be visited in person is included with this record.

VII. Maine Grantor Signature

(12) Signing Of Maine Grantor. Now that the Maine Real Estate Seller and Purchaser have been identified as the Grantor and Grantee and the property has been properly defined, this paperwork will need to be executed by the Maine Grantor. Each one of the Grantors named above should sign this paperwork upon its completion then print his or her name.

(13) Address Of Maine Grantor. The home address of the Signature Maine Grantor(s) must be dispensed as part of the signing process.

IX. Authentication Of Maine Grantor Signing

(14) Notary Process. The Notary Public must be actively licensed to submit the Maine Grantor’s signature to notarization. He or she will register several facts in the final section and deliver his or her credentials as support of these facts.


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  2. 33 M.R.S.A. § 203