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Missouri Special Warranty Deed Form

Missouri Special Warranty Deed Form

Updated April 11, 2024

A Missouri special warranty deed is a deed that transfers real estate with a limited warranty. The grantor guarantees only that there are no other claims arising out of his or her ownership of the property. In other words, the grantor is guaranteeing that he or she did not convey any interest in the property to someone else while he or she owned it. However, the grantor does not guarantee that any other owner of the property did nor did not convey interests in the property prior to the grantor owning it.

Laws – Chapter 442. Titles and Conveyance of Real Estate

Recording – Deeds must be filed with the County Recorder’s Office to become valid outside the scope of both parties.[1]

Signing – Required to be signed with the Grantor(s) in the presence of a Notary Public.[2]

How to Write

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I. Document Cover Sheet

(1) Date Of Document. When this document is filed with the appropriate Missouri County Recorder Office, it must be accompanied by a cover sheet that will summarize its content. To this effect, supply the date when this document should make its content active to the first blank line of the cover sheet. Generally, this will be the exact same date as the notarized signature the Grantor shall provide.

(2) Grantor. The Missouri Grantor’s legal name is also required on this cover sheet. More than one Missouri Grantor can (and should) be listed here if more than one will be releasing Missouri real property through this paperwork’s execution.

(3) Mailing Address. The Missouri Grantor does not necessarily have to live in Missouri to use this document. So long as the property being conveyed is physically located in a County in the State of Missouri, he or she may use this instrument to convey the real property being discussed. The mailing address of the Missouri Grantor will serve to both identify the Grantor as well as inform the Missouri County Recorder’s Office as to how the Grantor can be sent formal notices or inquiries.

(4) Grantee. Name every Missouri Grantee who will receive the real property ownership being released by the Grantor above. Be aware that only the Grantees listed will be entitled (according to this document) to seize ownership of the Missouri real estate being released by the Grantor

(5) Mailing Address. The complete mailing address of the Missouri Grantee(s) must be provided to this cover sheet.

(6) Legal Description. Document the legal description of the Missouri real estate as it appears in the County Recorder’s registry.

(7) Reference Book & Page. Identify the County Recorder reference book and the page number where the legal description above can be physically reviewed.

II. Missouri Real Property Transfer

(8) Effective Date. Confirm the date when this issue becomes active and the concerned Missouri property is formally released from the Grantor to the Grantee.

(9) Missouri Property Owner. The Grantor, whether it is a Business or an Individual, must be identified in this role using the declaration being made. Therefore, deliver the legal name of the Missouri Property Owner responsible for releasing the concerned real estate by signing this document. Every Missouri Property Owner or Missouri Grantor involved with this real estate transaction must be identified in this statement.

(10) Missouri Grantor Status. The Missouri Grantor may be an Individual or an Entity. Indicate the type of Party that owns the real estate in this document and will grant it to the Buyer in this transaction (i.e. “Individual,” “Widow,” “Married Couple,” “LLC,” “Corporation,” etc.).

(11) Property Owner Mailing Address. The mailing address where the Missouri Grantor or Missouri Grantors can be reached should be presented to this statement.

(12) Property Grantee. The name of the Grantee taking ownership of the Missouri property is a mandatory production for this statement’s ability to function. Supply the entire name of each Missouri Grantee.

(13) Property Grantee Status. The type of Party receiving ownership must be discussed. Report the Grantee(s) should be classified.

(14) Property Grantee Mailing Address. Furnish the Missouri Grantee’s mailing address.

(15) Consideration Paid. A report on the real estate transaction causing this deed should be included with this filing. Produce the dollar amount paid for the Missouri property to the areas provided in the second statement. This production should consist of a written report and a numerical entry.

(16) Missouri County. The name of the Missouri County where the property is accessible should be presented.

(17) Missouri Legal Description. The Missouri property being granted must be identifiable through this paperwork. Therefore, reproduce its legal description from its last (or latest) filing as it appears in the County Recorder’s registry.

III. Execution By Missouri Grantor Signature

(18) Signature. The Missouri Grantor signing this document must make sure his or her identity is fully presented at the time of signing. If the Grantor is a business entity then its legal name must be presented where available and a Signature Representative of this Entity must sign this document. Otherwise, if one or more individuals are granting property, each Missouri Property Owner(s) should sign his or her name.

(19) Printed Name. The printed name of each signature presented must be supplied.

(20) Title. If the Grantor has a title then make sure this is documented. This is especially important if the Missouri Property Owner is a Business Entity and the Signature Grantor is a Representative or Employee of this business.

(21) Notary Public. The State of Missouri requires that each signature presented is notarized at the time it is submitted to this document. The last section has been reserved for the notarization process to be displayed by the Notary Public in attendance.


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