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New Jersey Quit Claim Deed Form

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New Jersey Quit Claim Deed Form

Updated September 08, 2023

A New Jersey quit claim deed is a legal instrument for conveying an interest in a property to another party. This may be filed with the New Jersey County Clerk or the New Jersey County Registrar of Deeds (depending on the location of the property). It should be noted the required language of the quitclaim deed means the Grantor of the property is conveying his or her Claim, Interest, or Ownership of a Property without an actual guarantee the Grantor is the only party with such an interest to the Property or that he or she has such a Claim, Interest, or Ownership. The only action being taken with this method of conveyance is that any Claim, Interest, or Ownership the Grantor does have will be transferred to the Grantee in exchange for the named sum of money.