New Jersey Quit Claim Deed Form

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The New Jersey Quit Claim Deed is the legal instrument one may use when wishing to convey his or her interest in a property to another party. This may be filed with the New Jersey County Clerk or the New Jersey County Registrar of Deeds (depending on the location of the property). It should be noted the required language of the quitclaim deed means the Grantor of the property is conveying his or her Claim, Interest, or Ownership of a Property without an actual guarantee the Grantor is the only party with such an interest to the Property or that he or she has such a Claim, Interest, or Ownership. The only action being taken with this method of conveyance is that any Claim, Interest, or Ownership the Grantor does have will be transferred to the Grantee in exchange for the named sum of money.

Laws – Section 46:5-1

Recording – The form is to be filed at the County Clerk’s Office in the jurisdiction of the real estate.

Signing (Section 46:4-1) – The document is required to be signed in front of a notary public with the Grantor(s) present.

How to Write

Step 1 – In the box labeled “Prepared By,” enter the Full Name and Complete Address of the individual who is filling in the information on the spaces labeled “Name” and “Address.” Then report the “State” and “Zip Code” where the individual is located.

Step 2 – Next, in the box labeled “After Recording Return To,” report the Name and Address of the Mail recipient the New Jersey County Clerk or Registrar of Deeds should send the returned material.

Step 3 – Next to the words “County of” enter the New Jersey County where the Property is located on the blank line.

Step 4 – On the first blank space after the phrase “Know All Men By These Presents,” report the amount of Money the Grantee must pay as words, then report it numerically in the parentheses.

Step 5 – On the first space after the phrase “paid to,” report the Full Name of the Grantor, then write in the word “Grantor.”

Step 6 – On the blank space just before the words “residing at,” enter the Complete Address of the Grantor. Also, you will have to document the “County of,” “City of,” and “State of” the Address of the Grantor in the appropriate areas.

Step 7 – Now, on the two spaces after the wording “forever quitclaims to,” enter the Name of the Grantee then the word “Grantee.”

Step 8 – Next, define the New Jersey County where the Property is situated on the space preceding “New Jersey to-wit.” Then, below the statement paragraph, report the Address of the Property and the Legal Description of the Property. If this is real property, then you should also report the lot Number, block number, and/or account number of the Property.

Step 9 – On the next page, the Grantor of the Property must provide his or her Signature. This must be followed by the Grantor’s Printed Name and Address. There will be two columns at the top of the page so that two Grantors may sign. You may add more as necessary. The Grantor must Sign this section in the presence of a Notary Public so that it may be notarized properly. The Notary Public must use the section directly below this to Notarize this document.

Step 10 – Once completed you must deliver this document and its attachments to the New Jersey County Clerk (or Registrar of Deeds) serving the Property’s County. Here, you will obtain the fees and submission guidelines specific to that County.