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Ohio Limited (Special) Warranty Deed Form

Ohio Limited (Special) Warranty Deed Form

Updated April 12, 2024

An Ohio limited warranty deed is a form that conveys property interests with a guarantee. However, unlike a warranty deed, the grantor is only guaranteeing that he or she did not encumber the property while he or she owned it. That means that the grantor is guaranteeing that he did not give anyone else any interest in the property. The grantor does not guarantee what other owners may have done prior to the grantor’s ownership.

Laws – Title LIII, Chapter 5301 & Chapter 5302

Statutory Form – R.C. § 5302.07

Recording – Must be recorded in the County where the real estate is located.[1]

Signing – Grantor(s) must sign in the presence of a Notary Public.[2]

How to Write

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I. Ohio Statement Prepared By

(1) Name And Address Of Ohio Statement Preparer. The Ohio statement being completed will require that information be dispensed in preparation of the Grantor execution. The legal name of this information’s Reporter, otherwise known as its Preparer, must be presented at the top of this page.

(2) Ohio Statement Preparer Address. The remaining space in the first section should be used to dispense the complete address needed to contact the Preparer through the mail or by courier.

II. Instructions To Return Ohio Statement

(3) Name And Address Of Authorized Recipient. The Recipient who has been authorized by the Ohio Property Grantor to receive the filed document once the Ohio County Recorder has registered this conveyance should be identified with his or her Name and formal mailing address. Several areas in the second section of the header have been reserved for this information.

III. Ohio Grantor Of Property

(4) Owner Of Ohio Property. The Real Property Grantor will use this instrument to release his or her ownership of Ohio real estate so long as each one is named in the first paragraph to this role. It should be mentioned that each such Ohio Grantor named here will also be required to sign this document to effect the conveyance.

(5) Status Of Property Owner. The formal standing of the Ohio Grantor must be displayed. Thus, indicate if the granting Property Owner is a Single Adult, (if they are) a Married Couple, or a Business Entity.

(6) Address Of Ohio Grantor. The street address of the Ohio Grantor will be needed to support his or her identity. Furnish its building number, street, and unit number where requested then continue to record the County and State on the lines that follow. This presentation will be required to define each Ohio Property Grantor participating in this instrument’s execution.

IV. Ohio Grantee Of Property

(7) Purchaser Of Ohio Property. The Party or the Business Entity that the Ohio Grantor wishes to release property ownership to must be identified with his or her full legal name. Only a Person or Entity named in this document as the Ohio Property Grantee will be entitled to use this paperwork to take over ownership of the Ohio real property.

(8) Address Of Ohio Grantee. The street address in the address where the Ohio Grantee files taxes from should be documented. Deliver this information then continue through this transfer statement to name the County and State needed to complete this address.

V. Ohio Real Property

(9) Ohio County Of Jurisdiction. The physical location of the Ohio real property that will be released to the Grantee will need to be verified. To this end, the name of the Ohio County that the property can be found in must be supplied.

(10) Legal Description Of Ohio Property. The legal description of the Ohio property currently on file with the County Recorder’s Office is required for this paperwork. Transcribe this legal description from the books (or from the most recent deed) to the space provided. If needed, use an attachment to provide a complete recording.

(11) Prior Instrument Reference. The Volume and Page in the Ohio County Recorder’s Office where the legal description of the real property is stored must be dispensed.

VI. Ohio Grantor Signing

(12) Signature Of Ohio Grantor. The transfer of ownership over the Ohio real property discussed above will only become effective upon the signature release of this property by the Property Owner named as the Ohio Grantor. Every Ohio Grantor must submit his or her signature under the oversight of a certified Notary Public to complete this document.

(13) Name And Address. After signing this conveyance the Ohio Grantor should also print his or her name and legal address.

(14) Notarization Of Ohio Grantor Execution. The Notary Public that has been obtained to submit this signing to the process of notarization will utilize the last section to display a verification of the Parties and facts defining the signature process.


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