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Oklahoma Special Warranty Deed Form

Oklahoma Special Warranty Deed Form

Updated April 12, 2024

An Oklahoma special warranty deed is a type of deed used by an owner of land and/or buildings in Oklahoma to sell his/her interest in that property. This type of deed has a warranty from the seller to the buyer, but unlike a general warranty deed, it is limited. The warranty only applies to conveyances or title issues that arise out of the grantor’s ownership of the property, but does not guarantee anything that may have happened under previous ownerships. As with all deeds, once this is properly completed and notarized, it must be filed with the registrar of deeds of the county where the property is located.

Laws – Title 16 – Conveyances

Recording – Must be filed with the Register of Deeds in the County where the property is located.[1]

Signing – The Grantor(s) are required to sign this form in the presence of a Notary Public.[2]

How to Write

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I. Prepared By

(1) Oklahoma Statement Preparer. The identity of the Party working to deliver requested information on the Grantor, Grantee, and property in this document must be displayed with an entry of his or her name.

(2) Address Of Contact. The address the above Preparer wishes to be contacted with must be produced using the spaces made available in the first section. Bear in mind since this may be used should be any future clerical (and other) issues, it must be an active address where mail is received by the Preparer.

II. Recorded Document Submission

(3) Oklahoma Return Recipient. The Person or the Entity that has been designated to receive this statement after the Oklahoma County Recorder’s filing process is complete will be the next topic. Dispense the name of the Oklahoma Recipient to the first space in the “After Recording Return To” section.

(4) Address Required For Return. Supply the Oklahoma County Recorder’s Office with the address needed to return this filing to the authorized Recipient named.

III. Oklahoma Real Property Owner

(5) Name Of Oklahoma Grantor. The full name of the Oklahoma Grantor is needed in the first space of the statement made. The Oklahoma Grantor is the Real Property Owner implementing this document to release the ownership he or she enjoys over the real estate of discussion.

(6) Residing Address Of Oklahoma Grantor. The address where the Oklahoma Grantor resides is a required submission that must be provided in print after he or she has signed this paperwork and identified himself or herself.

IV. Consideration Paid For Oklahoma Property

(7) Payment Submission For Oklahoma. This paperwork requires that the money paid and received by the Oklahoma Grantor in exchange for his or her real property is documented twice. First, write out the Oklahoma real property payment received then, in the area located within the parentheses, dispense the numerical version of this dollar amount.

V. Oklahoma Real Property Buyer

(8) Oklahoma Real Property Grantee. The full name of the Purchaser, otherwise known as the Grantee, must be submitted to this form. Customarily this is the Party who has purchased and wishes to receive ownership over property however,  the Grantee can be anyone this document names whether he or she was involved with a property purchase or not. Dispense the full name of every Oklahoma Grantee so that this land may be claimed properly once this document is filed.

(9) Address Of Oklahoma Grantee. After identifying the Oklahoma Property Grantee(s), a presentation of the street address, the name of the County, and the State of his or her residence is required across the three spaces that follow.

VI. Oklahoma Real Property Description

(10) County Of Oklahoma Property. Identify the Oklahoma County that contains the real property within its boundaries.

(11) Legal Description Requirement. A recording of the Oklahoma property’s formal legal description is needed. This will identify the Oklahoma real property to be released to the concerned Grantee, therefore obtain this material from the most recently filed deed for this property or the County Recorder’s Office where the real property is located.

VII. Oklahoma Grantor Execution

(12) Oklahoma Grantor Signing. The signature of the Oklahoma Grantor or Grantors named above is required to complete the issue of real property made above. The signed and printed name of the Oklahoma Grantor must be submitted to the signature area provided before a Notary Public.

(13) Oklahoma Grantor Address. The Oklahoma Grantor will be required to also submit his or her home address in print.

(14) Notarization Of The Oklahoma Grantor Signing. The notarization of the Oklahoma Grantor’s signature should be proven in this document. To this end, the Notary Public’s direct participation will be needed. He or she will complete the last area with documentation of the Parties present on the signing as well as when and where the execution of this statement was completed with the Oklahoma Grantor’s signature.


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