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South Carolina Quit Claim Deed Form

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South Carolina Quit Claim Deed Form

Updated April 12, 2024

A South Carolina quit claim deed form provides an informal method of quickly transferring or conveying a claim to, interest in, and/or ownership of a property without involving an attorney. If there are any questions regarding this filing, including whether it should be done, one should consult an attorney prior to Signing. Once this form is completed, it must be signed and notarized then, submitted to the South Carolina Registrar of Deeds serving the County where the property is located. It should be noted that each County will have its own requirements regarding this submittal.


  • Recording – All forms must be filed at the County Recorders of Deeds.[1]
  • Signing – A quit claim deed in South Carolina is required to be authorized by a notary public and two (2) subscribing witnesses in order to be recorded. The Notary Public is able to act as one (1) of the witnesses.[2]
  • Statute Code 1976 § 27-7-20


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