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Washington Special Warranty Deed Form

Washington Special Warranty Deed Form

Updated April 12, 2024

A Washington special warranty deed can be used to transfer the ownership of real property with limited guarantees. The new owner obtains title to the property free of liability during the grantor’s period, but not for any previous owners. Therefore, if claims exist prior to the grantor’s ownership period, it will be the liability of the grantee.

Cover Sheet – Must be made the first (1st) page in order for the deed to be accepted by the County Recorder.

Laws – Title 64, Chapter 64.04 – Conveyances

Recording – Must be filed with the County Recorder of where the property is located (View All Counties).[1]

Signing – Required for the Seller(s) to sign the deed with a Notary Public acting as the witness.[2]

How To Write

Download; PDF, MS Word, OpenDocument

I. Preparation Of Washington Declaration

(1) Preparer Of the Washington Declaration. Information needed to define the transfer of Washington State property will have to be supplied directly to this document. The name of the Transfer Statement Preparer should be displayed in the first header section.

(2) Washington Declaration Preparer Business Address. The street address, state, and zip code of the Transfer Statement Preparer’s business address should be submitted to the first section where these address items are requested.

II. County Recorder Requested Information

(3) Washington Transfer Statement Recipient. The registration of the property transfer will be handled by the County Recorder’s Office that the Washington property is located in (physically). Once the registration of this action has been completed, however, the original will not be kept by the County Clerk. It will be sent to a predetermined Recipient that must be identified by name in the second area of the header.

(4) Mailing Address Of Determined Recipient. Make use of the three lines that follow the named Recipient to display his or her formal mailing address. This information will be used by the Virginia County Recorder working with this document to direct it to the appropriate Recipient once it is filed.

III. Washington State Grantor

(5) Washington State Property Owner. The name of the Owner of the Washington State real property is the first requirement made by this document. Produce the complete name of the Washington real property’s Seller (the Owner) where it is requested at the beginning of rot first statement. It is important to note that the full name of every Grantor is a required submission.

(6) Home Address And County. The building number as well as the street name and unit number where the Washington State Real Property Grantor maintains his or her home residence is found. Once done, the name of the Washington Grantor’s County of residence must be reported.

(7) State Of Residence.

IV. Submitted Payment For Washington State Property

(8) Written Report On Paid Consideration. A significant number of transfers of property ownership result from a transaction where the Washington State Grantor is paid a definitive sum of money by the Purchaser in exchange for the property. Write out the paid dollar amount on the first blank space requesting this report.

(9) Numerical Presentation Of Payment. The payment received for the Washington State property should be documented a second time in this statement. Deliver it as a numerical report inside the parentheses.

V. Washington State Grantee

(10) Washington State Real Property Grantee. The Party that shall be approved to acquire the Washington State real property from its Owner or Grantor will need to be formally named as this document’s Grantee. Only the Washington State Grantee that is named in this statement may thus assume property ownership over the real estate in question. Furnish his or her full legal name as requested. If more than one Party should be approved to acquire ownership over the Washington State real property through this document, then each one must be identified as the Grantee with a record of his or her entire name. This can be done by inserting more room to the appropriate area or simply composing a well-labeled roster of the Washington State Grantees.

(11) Grantee Street Address And County. After formally naming the Washington State Grantee, dispense the building number/street/apartment in his or her home address after the words “Street Address” then the name of the County where he or she lives to the space that follows.

(12) Home State Of Washington State Grantee.

VI. Washington State Real Property

(13) County Of Washington Property. Document the legal name of the Washington State County where the real property is located.

(14) Washington Legal Description. Submit the legal description of the Washington property as it is kept by the County Recorder’s Office that last filed a deed for this property. This content may also be transcribed from the most recently issued deed.

VII. Signature Requirement Of Washington Grantor

(15) Signing Of Washington Grantor. The Washington Grantor will be obligated by the State of Washington to sign his or her name as a Notary Public watches this action.

(16) Printed Name Of Washington Grantor. After the signing, the Washington State Grantor must print his or her name.

(17) Washington Grantor Home Address. A record of the Washington State Grantor’s home address is also a requirement during the signature process. He or she must supply this information in a clear and legible manner after signing and printing his or her name.

VIII. Notarization Of Washington Grantor Execution

(18) Washington Notarization Requirement. The notarization of the above Washington State Grantor’s signature must be engaged by the Notary Public in attendance.


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  2. RCW 64.04.020