Washington Quit Claim Deed Form

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The Washington Quit Claim Deed is available as a tool when one wishes to document the conveyance of Property. As an informal method of achieving this goal there is no specific guarantee as to the Grantor’s Claim or Rights to the Property. Such a guarantee is implied by the nature of this paper work but not necessarily validated. It is worth mentioning that if the land is connected or related to a separate property or a community then an additional cover sheet must be included. This must include the Description of such real estate by lot, block, or plat. If such real estate is not on record with the Washington County Auditor, the quit claim deed referring to this real estate will not be accepted. It is important to verify that if any such condition exists, the additional or connecting real estate is well documented beforehand.

Cover Sheet – Must be placed on top of the Quit Claim Deed in order to be processed.

Formatting (RCW 65.04.045) – There must be a margin of least three (3) inches on the top and one (1) inch on the bottom.

Guide – Use to help with obtaining the recording.

Laws – RCW 64.04.050

Recording – To be filed, along with the fee, to the County Recorder’s Office in the jurisdiction of the property (See List of Counties).

Signing (RCW 64.04.020) – Must be acknowledged by a Notary Public.

How to Write

Step 1 – On the right, select one of the buttons to download a copy of the Washington Quit Claim Deed and the Cover Sheet. There are three buttons to choose from “PDF,” “ODT,” and “Word.”

Step 2 – Fill in any required information on the first page (Cover Sheet). This page will require a Return Address, Document Titles of this filing, Reference Numbers of the Related Documents, the Full Name of all Grantors (Last Name, First Name, and Middle Initial), an abbreviated Legal Description, and the Assessor’s Property Tax Parcel/Account Number. The Cover Sheet must Signed by the party submitting this form.

Step 3 – The second page will contain the quit claim statement, however some preliminary information must be tended to in the upper left hand box. The Preparer of the quit claim should have his or her Name, Address, State, and Zip Code documented on the spaces in the “Prepared By” section. Then, you must report where you wish the Washington County Auditor to send completed paperwork in the “After Recording Return To” section, using the blank spaces bearing the designation “Name,” “Address,” “State,” and “Zip Code.”

Step 4 –After the term “State of Washington,” report the Washington County this Property is found in.

Step 5 – In the first statement, report the Date and Full Name of both the Grantor and Grantee.

Step 6 – In the main paragraph, report the dollar value of the Payment the Grantee must submit for the conveyance to occur. This must be reported in words then numerically on the first two blank spaces.

Step 7 – The Name of the Grantor receiving this dollar amount must documented on the next blank space followed by the word “Grantor.”

Step 8 – Next, using the four empty spaces provided after the words “residing at,” enter the Grantor’s Address, County, City, and State.

Step 9 – The next area of this paragraph that will need information follows the words “quitclaims to.” Enter the Name of the individual assuming this Property along with the word “Grantee.”

Step 10 – On the spaces available after the term “residing at,” report the Address, “County of,” “City of,” and “State of” the Grantee’s Residence.

Step 11 – On the blank line preceding the words “County, Washington, to-wit,” report the County of the Property’s Physical Location. Then utilizing the area directly below these words, report the Address and Full Legal Description of the Property.

Step 12 – The Grantor is required to provide his or her Signature on the first line of the second page. Below this the Printed Name and Address of the Signature Grantor must be reported. Do this in the column beginning with the space “Grantor’s Signature.”

Step 13 – The Signing of this document must be Notarized. The Notarization section is directly below the words “State of Washington.” Only the Notary Public may report here and provide his or her Notary Stamp.

Step 14 – Contact the Washington County Auditor Office in the County where the Property is. This entity will be able to give you specific instructions and fees for that county when submitting this form.