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Wisconsin Special Warranty Deed Form

Wisconsin Special Warranty Deed Form

Updated April 12, 2024

A Wisconsin special warranty deed transfers real property and guarantees clean title during the term of the grantor’s ownership only, not for any previous time period. The grantee will be recommended to perform a title search, especially for the period prior to the grantor’s ownership.

Once signed by the grantor (seller) and grantee (buyer) in front of a notary public, it can be filed in the Register of Deeds.

Laws – Chapter 706. Conveyances of Real Property; Recording; Titles

Real Estate Transfer Return (eRETR) – All deeds filed in the State of Wisconsin must have this electronic form attached when submitting to the County Register of Deeds (See Instructions).

Recording – Must be filed with the Register of Deeds in the county where the property is located.[1]

Signing – The Seller(s) signature must be witnessed by a Notary Public.[2]

How To Write

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I.  Preparation Of Wisconsin Conveyance Statement

(1) Preparer Of Wisconsin Statement. Before preparing this document with the information necessary to effect a Wisconsin transfer statement, the name of its Preparer must be submitted for display.

(2) Contact Business Address. Accompany the name of the Wisconsin Document Preparer with a record of his or her business address. This requires a separate entry for the street address, the State, and the appropriate zip code needed to contact the Wisconsin Document Preparer by mail.

II. Post Registration Action

(3) Registered Deed Recipient. The Party this document should be released to after the Register of Deeds has filed it with the State of Wisconsin must be identified for this document to be returned. Supply the name of the concerned Recipient in the next header section along with his or her full mailing address.

III. Wisconsin Property Seller As Grantor

(4) Identity Of Wisconsin Real Property Seller. The legal name of each of the Wisconsin Property Owners (Sellers) carrying the intent to issue this statement is required in the first statement. The first space available has been reserved for the production of the name of every Wisconsin Real Property Seller or Grantor.

(5) Home Address Of Wisconsin Grantor. The physical location of the Wisconsin Grantor’s residence must be defined by documenting its street address and County. This will be a strict requirement placed on every Wisconsin Grantor since his or her home address can serve to verify his or her identity. Supply address information across the next two blank lines. This will need to be the physical home address. If more than one Wisconsin Grantor is acting through this document then insert more room directly into this statement or develop a well-titled attachment with this information.

(6) State Of Wisconsin Grantor Residence.

IV. Required Property Payment

(7) Wisconsin Real Property Transaction. The transaction that has occurred between the Wisconsin Property Seller (the Grantor) and the Property Buyer must be detailed. Deliver both a written and numerical record of the dollar amount that was paid to the Wisconsin Property Seller (or Grantor).

V. Wisconsin Property Buyer As Grantee

(8) Legal Name Of Wisconsin Property Buyer. The only Party that can use this instrument as proof that the Grantor has released the Wisconsin real property is the Grantee that it names. Produce the full name of every Wisconsin Grantee to the space provided to supplement the statement being issued.

(9) Residential Address Of Wisconsin Grantee. To further support the Wisconsin Grantee’s identity, his or her (home) street address and County will be an expected display in this statement. Every Wisconsin Grantor that must be given the right to seize possession and ownership of the concerned property must have his or her address supplied to this document with his or her name.

(10) Residental State Of Wisconsin Grantee.

VI. Real Property Discussion

(11) County Of Geographical Location. Furnish the complete name of the Wisconsin County of the concerned property’s geographical location.

(12) Description Of Wisconsin Property. In order for this instrument to pass real property from the Wisconsin Grantor to the Grantee, the real estate will need to be clearly defined. For this effect, the full legal description of the concerned Wisconsin real estate must be copied (exactly) from the last legal deed registered for it or from the books held by the Wisconsin Register Of Deeds.

VII. Wisconsin Required Execution

(13) Signature Execution Of Grantor. Every identified Wisconsin Grantor must sign his or her name to release the above property to the Grantee and this filed statement to the Predetermined Filed Document Recipient. This action must be subjected to the notarization process.

(14) Printed Name Of Wisconsin Grantor. Every Wisconsin Grantor who has been named in the first statement and signed his or her name to this paperwork must also print his or her name below the signature he or she provided.

(15) Address Of Wisconsin Grantor. The legal residential address of the Wisconsin Grantor must also be submitted when signing this document.

(16) Notary Public Authentication. The notarization of the Wisconsin Grantor’s signature will require the actions of a qualified Notary Public. He or she shall work to verify the Signer’s identity at the time of signing and display the notarization process in the last section that requires input.


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