Wyoming Quit Claim Deed Form

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The Wyoming Quit Claim Deed form provides a method for the conveyance of Property between a Grantor and Grantee. This form must be submitted to the Wyoming Office of the Recorder in the County Clerk Office where the Property is located. This should be signed by the Grantors involved and must be Notarized. Several items such as the Grantor/Grantee Name and Address and the Cost of the Property will need to be documented. This provides the basic information required however, it would be wise to consult with a professional prior to filing this document as precaution against any delays.

Laws – § 34-2-104

Recording – All filings must be made at the Recorder’s Office which is most of the time in the same office as the County Clerk’s Office.

Signing (§ 34-26-107) – All quit claim deeds must be signed in the presence of a Notary Public.

Statement of Consideration (§ 34-1-142) – Required to be attached to all quit claim deeds filed in the State of Wyoming.

How to Write

Step 1 – The Wyoming Quit Claim Deed is downloadable as a PDF file, ODT file, or Word File. Click on the appropriately labeled button (underneath the image on the right) then download this file to your machine.

Step 2 – The first page of the form calls for some preliminary information to be presented. Find the term “Prepared By.” Enter the Full Name of the individual preparing this paperwork for submission on the line “Name.” Follow this with the Address of the Preparer using the second and third line. Finally on the fourth line report the State and Zip Code of the Preparer Address.

Step 3 – The top of the first page concludes with the section “After Recording Return To” This area will provide the Wyoming Office of the Recorder with a reliable Mailing Address where you wish to receive the returned materials from your filing. You must enter this Mailing Address using the lines “Name,” “Address,” “State,” and “Zip Code.”

Step 4 – Find the blank space between the phrase “State of Wyoming” and “County” then, report the County where one may physically locate the Property being transferred.

Step 5 – The form will call for the exact Dollar Amount being paid for the Property by the Grantee to be documented here. You will need to write out the words of the Dollar Amount then report the same amount as a number.

Step 6 – The next piece of information requiring submission on this form will be the Identity, Role, and Location of the individual releasing the Property Claim/Title/Ownership in exchange for the received Dollar Amount above. This individual will be referred to as the Grantor. On the first two blank lines after the parentheses, make sure the Legal Name of the Grantor is entered on the first one and the word “Grantor” is entered on the second one.

Step 7 – The Grantor receiving the payment and relinquishing the Property will also need to have his or her Legal Address of Residence reported on the first available blank space following the term “residing at.” There will also be three blank spaces where you may report on the “County of,” “City of,” and “State of” the Grantor’s Legal Address of Residence.

Step 8 – Next we will need to define the Identity, Role, and Location of the individual assuming the Property Claim/Title/Ownership  in exchange for the paid Dollar Amount above. On the first two lines after the specific term “hereby conveys and quitclaims to” define the full Name of this individual then, on the second line, input the phrase “Grantor.”

Step 9 – The Grantee assuming the Grantor’s Property Claim/Title/Ownership must have his or her Address of Residence defined specifically after the phrase “residing at.” The three blank lines that follow will allow for inputting the “County of,” “City of,” and “State of” the Grantee’s legal Address of Residence.

Step 10 – The last line of this paragraph, “…described real estate, situated in” will require the Wyoming County where the Property is located in to be defined. Enter the name of this Wyoming County on the blank space provided.

Step 11 – The blank lines directly below the words “County, Wyoming, to-wit” provide an area where you may document the Address of this Property and deliver the Legal Description as it is defined with the Wyoming County Record Books.

Step 12 – The following page will contain an area where the Grantor(s) of the Property may provide the required Signature. If there are more than two Grantors involved, you may add room for additional Signatures. When ready, the Grantor must Sign the space designated with the label “Grantor’s Signature.” Below this, the Grantor’s Printed Name must be supplied on the space designated with the label “Grantor’s Name.” The Grantor Street Address must be delivered on the space designated with the label “Address.” Finally, the Grantor’s City/State/Zip Code must appear on the blank space designated with the label “City, State & Zip.”

Step 13 – The Wyoming Quit Claim Deed will need to be filed locally. That is, the Wyoming County’s Office of the Recorder will handle receipt and recordation of this deed. This entity must be in the same County as the Property and is often found as a department in the Wisconsin County Clerk’s Office for that area. Different Counties in Wyoming will have different fees and requirements when filing this document so, you will have to contact the Wyoming Office of the Recorder where you intend to submit this filing directly prior to doing so. Obtain the guidelines and fees set by the relevant County then submit this document in compliance with these guidelines and fees.