Wyoming Deed Forms

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The Wyoming deeds are forms that may be used to transfer the ownership of property from a Seller to a Buyer. The form should list the information about the ‘Grantor’ and ‘Grantee’ followed by the Purchase Price and Legal Description. All Deeds in the State of Wyoming are required to be signed in the presence of a Notary Public. Afterwards, the document along with the filing fee should be submitted to the Recorder’s Office in the county the property is located.

Laws – Title 34 – Property, Conveyances, and Security Transactions

Recording – All deeds are to be filed at the Recorder’s Office which is usually the same as the County Clerk’s Office in most districts.

Signing (§ 34-26-107) – All deeds must be authorized in the presence of a notary public.

Statement of Consideration (§ 34-1-142) – Must be attached to any deed filed in the State of Wyoming.

Deed Types

General Warranty – To transfer property with the guarantee of the Grantee obtaining clean title without defect.

Quit Claim – Implies that the Grantor owns the property and allows the transfer of ownership of their interest in the property. This type of deed does not guarantee anything, not even that the Grantor owns the property. Therefore this type of deed contains the highest risk.

Special Warranty – Conditional guarantee by the Grantor that there have been no title defects during their time as owner of the property.

Wyoming Property Search

In order to write a deed you will need to get the Legal Description of the property. This can be completed by doing a property search via County and finding the Property Card. This card will have all the information about the real estate including Tax Map/Lot Numbers, Deed Book and Page Numbers, and a Parcel ID Number (if any).

Step 1 – Go to This Webpage and choose the County the property is located in.

Step 2 – After selecting your County you will want to click on either an Assessor or Recorder link that reads ‘Go to Online Data‘.

Step 3 – After selecting you will be able to perform a search by the Grantor’s Name, Property Address, and any other format the County offers. After making your selection you will be provided with a list of matching properties.

Step 4 – On the property card, you will be able to find all the necessary legal information for entering your Legal Description into the Quit Claim Deed, such as Deed Book and Page Numbers, Document Numbers, and any other descriptions.