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Wyoming Special Warranty Deed Form

Wyoming Special Warranty Deed Form

Updated July 18, 2023

A Wyoming special warranty deed allows real estate to be transferred while guaranteeing there are no liens or encumbrances on the property during the grantor’s term. Even though this guarantees clean title while the grantor owned the property, it does not for a NY previous owner. Therefore, if any claim against the property occurred before the grantor, and had not been resolved, it will be the responsibility of the grantee.

Laws – Title 34 (Property), Chapters 1 & 2

Statutory Form – W.S. 1977 § 34-2-136

Recording (W.S. 1977 § 34-1-118) – Must be filed with the County Court Clerk’s Office where the property is located.

Signing (W.S. 1977 § 34-1-113) – Required to be signed with the Grantor(s) in the presence of a Notary Public.

Statement of Consideration (W.S. 1977 § 34-1-142) – Required to be completed along with the deed when filing with the clerk’s office.

How To Write

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I. Wyoming Transfer Statement Preparation

(1) Wyoming Statement Preparer. The release of Wyoming real property that will be registered through this instrument shall require some specifics documented. The Reporting Party or the Preparer of this Wyoming instrument must have his or her full name and business address displayed at the top of the page. Several spaces have been placed in the first header section for this purpose.

II. Wyoming County Recorder Action

(2) Registered Wyoming Document Recipient. The Wyoming County Recorder registering the real estate transfer will not retain or store this document once it is filed. Thus, it must be sent to a Recipient authorized by the Signature Grantor. The full name, as well as the complete mailing address of the Party the Wyoming Grantor, authorizes as this filings Recipient will be needed in the second statement.

III. Property Seller As Wyoming Grantor

(3) Name Of Wyoming Property Owner/Seller. In order for Wyoming property to be released by its Owner, he or she will need to be clearly identified. Therefore, the transfer statement requires the legal name of the Wyoming Property Owner to be supplied at its start. Each Wyoming Property Owner shall then be known as the Grantor once his or her name is provided.

(4) Address And County Of Wyoming Grantor. The first line of the Wyoming Grantor home address, consisting of the building number, street, and unit number must be recorded in the next area of this transfer statement while the space that follows requires the name of the County of the Wyoming Grantor’s home address.

(5) Wyoming Grantor’s Residential State.

IV. Wyoming Property Transaction

(6) Property Payment Acknowledgment. Document the full dollar amount that the Wyoming Grantor required in exchange for the concerned real estate by writing the dollar amount just before the word “Dollars” then entering its numerical form after the “$” sign.

V. Wyoming Grantee

(7) Wyoming Grantee Identity. The Buyer of the Wyoming real estate will commonly be the Party able to acquire it through this deed’s registration. For this effect, the legal name of the Wyoming Property Buyer must be formally attached to the Grantee role. His or her legal name must be presented in this instrument so that he or she may take control of the Grantor’s Wyoming real estate.

(8) Residential Information. The street address of the Wyoming Grantee’s residence and the County where it is located must be dispensed to aid in solidifying his or her identity. This is especially important since only the Wyoming Grantee or Wyoming Grantees that have been named here may utilize this instrument to acquire ownership of the real estate.

(9) State Of Wyoming Grantee Residence. The Grantee may live outside of the State of Wyoming. Produce the name of the State where the Wyoming Grantee lives.

VI. Wyoming Property Description

(10) County Of Wyoming Property Location. It will be imperative that the County where this property is located and where this instrument will be registered is established in this document before proceeding. Deliver the full name of the Wyoming County of the real estate’s physical location to satisfy this requirement.

(11) Legal Description Of Wyoming Property. Another required manner of identifying the real estate being transferred will be a presentation of its legal description. This information may be sourced from the Wyoming County Recorder holding the current active deed that was last registered or the most recently filed deed. Reproduce the Wyoming real property’s legal description with its exact language. If more room is needed for this task, an attachment can be developed and (must be) included with this document’s presentation at the time of its signing and when submitting it to the appropriate County Recorder.

VII. Execution Of Wyoming Grantor

(12) Wyoming Grantor. The transfer of property documented here requires confirmation. This will be accomplished through the verifiable signature of every Wyoming Grantor that was presented in the first paragraph. He or she must locate the provided signature area then sign his or her name with the cooperation of a Notary Public.

(13) Printed Name Of Wyoming Grantor. The Wyoming Grantor is required to also present his or her name by printing it underneath the submitted signature. Each Grantor must satisfy this requirement.

(14) Wyoming Grantor Address. The physical address of the Wyoming Grantor’s home must be dispensed before the Wyoming Grantor releases this document to the Notary Public.

(15) Wyoming Notary Requirement. The State of Wyoming requires that a Notary participates in this signing so that he or she can act to verify the identity of the Wyoming Grantor at the time of signing. This Notary shall complete the testimonial provided and deliver his or her credentials.