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Insurance Company Demand Letter

Insurance Company Demand Letter

Updated August 24, 2023

An insurance company demand letter is a letter written to an insurance company seeking money for a claim related to personal injury or property damage. The individual or attorney writing the letter, the ‘claimant’, informs the insurance company that they intend to seek monetary repayment to satisfy their claimed damages.

Table of Contents

Two (2) Types

There are two (2) types of insurance claims:

  • Property Damage – For any type of monetary damages due to theft, fire, flood, etc.
  • Personal Injury – Including medical bills, loss of income, punitive damages, etc. This cannot be filed and claimed until the claimant has recovered from their injuries.

How to Write (5 steps)

  1. Complete the Initial Letter
  2. Send to the Insurance Company
  3. Wait for Payment
  4. Get an Attorney
  5. File Legal Action

1. Complete the Initial Letter

Enter the reason for the demand (referencing a settlement agreement, medical bills, etc.) and the amount that is owed.

In addition, any and all receipts should be attached (if applicable) as a supplement to the claim.

2. Send to the Insurance Company

The demand letter should be sent with appropriate details. This may include receipts, witness statements, policy reports, employer statements (loss of wages), physician records etc. The letter should provide a total of the damages being sought after.

3. Wait for Payment

The Insurance Company Demand Letter should have a response date on the letter.  This will provide the insurance a set amount of time to complete any investigations or research on behalf of their insured. The claimant must allow that time to pass to hear back from the insurance company prior to taking additional action.

4. Get an Attorney

Should the Insurance Company not take appropriate action, the individual should see legal counsel that specializes in car accidents. They will need to provide their counsel all of the documentation collected thus far and provide a full account of the accident

5. File Legal Action

One legal counsel has been obtained and all information has been shared, legal counsel may file a legal claim against the insurance company. However, the lawyer may also attempt to settle the case once again, prior to going to trial. If they are successful then the individual and any witnesses will be required to testify in court. A judge will provide the final outcome of the case.


Sample Insurance Company Demand Letter

Jennifer Smith
1324 Accolade Avenue #22
New York, NY 10022
Home Phone: (212) 555-9252
Cell Phone: (212) 555-9513
E-Mail: smithjen1999@hotmail.comHome Country Insurance
Rebecca Archer – Senior Claims Adjuster
1915 Central Park Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10710May 1, 2018


Re: Claim Number XX-654123B
Insured: Jennifer Smith
DOB 8/1/1967
Claimant: Harry Belafonte
DOB 12/24/1989
Date of Accident: 2/14/2018

Dear Ms. Archer,

On November 14th, 2017 I suffered severe and critical injuries, when the actions of your insured, Harry Belafonte, caused a most horrific car accident. Your insured failed to stop in time and therefore forcefully struck my vehicle from behind which propelled my car into a busy intersection.

While I have been advised by several medical experts and doctors that my condition is now more stable, I have suffered significant pain and suffering and will continue to do so for many years to come. I would like for you to review the information I have provided below, and documents attached, to help facilitate and expedite my settlement claim.

On the morning of November 14th, 2017 I was stopped at the intersection of Murray and 34th Street with the intention of heading north toward Benny’s Flower Shop, however, the light was red. Your insured, Harry Belafonte, struck my vehicle from behind so forcefully that my car was forced into a busy intersection, and while I luckily did not get struck by another vehicle, the violent push still propelled my vehicle into a median that is 5 feet tall at which point both the median and a light post fell and hit my car.

This severe accident was due to the fact that your insured was going too fast to stop in a timely and safe manner. Had the insured been driving the appropriate speed limit of 40MPH, this accident would have been avoided. You will see in the pictures attached the severe damage to my vehicle and myself. I was rushed to the Emergency Room at which point I needed emergency surgery to amputate my foot.

The crash, caused my right foot to be to be ripped in shreds and was crushed beyond repair. Imagine my surprise when I woke up to the horrific scene of no longer having one of my feet. From that moment, I have undergone physical and mental therapy. I have had to tend to other wounds incurred on my head, arms, and back (please see attached pictures). I have yet to return to work and will not be able to continue my job until I am no longer taking the pain medication and need less physical therapy (currently doing 3 hours of rehabilitation each day and 1 hour of mental therapy).

Below you will find a summary of the damages to date:

  • Ambulance Transfer – $1,500.35
  • Foot Amputation – $53,052.50
  • Follow Up Care (3 year minimum)  – $48,550.00
  • X-Rays $3,700.00
  • Pain Prescriptions – $850.75
  • Crutches – $75.00
  • Foot Prosthetic $5,000.00
  • Emergency Room Cost – $6,675.00
  • Lost Wages – $52,005.80
  • Mental Therapy – $8,850.20
  • Future Mental Therapy – $35,500.00
  • Emotional Distress – $50,000.00
  • Pain and Suffering – $100,000.00

Total Damages – $365,759.60

Your insured was rightfully cited by the authorities and is clearly liable for my losses and injuries. Your insureds negligence has forever changed my life and they are a direct cause of my injuries, pain, and suffering. I hereby make a demand of $365,759.60 for my injuries, loss, pain, and suffering which were in direct correlation with the accident your insured has caused. Please respond back to this demand letter no later than 30 days from the postmarked date.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration of the above claim. Should there be any questions additional details needed, please do not hesitate in contacting me.


Jennifer Smith

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