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Connecticut Security Deposit Demand Letter

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Connecticut Security Deposit Demand Letter

Updated October 03, 2023

A Connecticut security deposit demand letter is a letter sent by a tenant to a landlord when a security deposit has not been returned within a reasonable amount of time. Upon termination of a rental agreement, the landlord must return to the tenant the full amount of the security deposit paid at the beginning of the tenancy minus any damages incurred by the tenant. The landlord must include with the deposit a list of itemized deductions. After vacating the premises, the landlord has twenty-one (21) days to return the appropriate deposit amount. If the landlord fails to do so, the tenant may then deliver the letter. Should the landlord continue to withhold the tenant’s deposit, a small claims lawsuit may be filed by the tenant, and the landlord may be liable for double the initial amount due.

Laws§ 47a-21