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Florida Security Deposit Demand Letter

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Florida Security Deposit Demand Letter

Updated December 02, 2022

A Florida security deposit demand letter is used by a tenant to demand the return of a security deposit when a landlord fails to refund it. At the end of a lease agreement, tenants are entitled to their full security deposit unless repairs must be done to the property. The demand letter states that the landlord is in violation of State law and they must return the deposit or risk being sued in court. After the termination of the lease, the landlord has fifteen (15) days to return the full security deposit. However, if the landlord wishes to make a claim on the security deposit (for rent, damages, or other costs), they have thirty (30) days to provide written notice to the tenant. After this thirty-day period, the landlord forfeits any right to impose a claim and must return the deposit immediately. Unless the tenant objects the claim within fifteen (15) days from the notice, the landlord is given an additional thirty (30) days to return the deposit minus any damages incurred.

Laws§ 83.49