BB&T Direct Deposit Authorization Form

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Updated May 31, 2022

The BB&T direct deposit authorization form allows you to submit information regarding your preferred method of payment with an Employer or another Paying Entity. This form will document the necessary approval you must provide all parties involved so that an Employer may regularly deposit your paycheck to one of your private accounts such as a checking or savings account. This arrangement will be set until you send another form with new information or verbally cancel the Direct Deposit procedure (i.e. in the event of termination). Make sure your employer will accept this form as a means to signing you up for this method of payment before submitting it.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the BB&T Direct Deposit Form utilizing the PDF button below the image on the right. Save this file to an easily accessible folder to your computer. When you are ready you may enter the information on screen with a PDF program or you may print it then enter the information manually (make sure to be legible).

Step 2 – Report the Legal Name of the Company whose payments you wish directly deposited to your BB&T Account in the first empty box.

Step 3 – Below the Statement of Authorization, select the type of Account you are having the Direct Deposit linked to by placing a mark in the first check box or the second check box to indicate whether this is a “Checking Account” or “Savings Account” respectively.

Step 4 – Report the BB&T Bank Name and/or Address where you keep your Account in the box labeled “Bank Name.” Then, in the “Routing Number” box, enter the Routing Number identifying the branch you bank with. Finally, in the “Account Number” box, enter the Account Number to be linked in the Direct Deposit transfer.

Step 5 – There will be two paragraphs with some information you must read and agree to before proceeding. Below these paragraphs is a small table with four boxes. The first box will require your Printed Name. The second box will require your Social Security Number, the third box will require your Signature, and the fourth box will require the current Date.

Step 6 – The large box at the bottom of this page will require a Voided Check or a Deposit Slip from the branch where you bank (with your account number filled in) stapled in this area.

Step 7 – Submit this form to the Human Resources, Accounting, or Payroll Department of your place of employment.