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Capital One (360) Direct Deposit Authorization Form

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Capital One (360) Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Updated May 31, 2022

The Capital One (360) direct deposit form is a standardized form provided by Capital One to set up a Direct Deposit Account with a company or an employer that you receive regular payments from. It should be noted that any such company or employer may have their own form, so make sure to speak with the appropriate office there to make sure this form will satisfy the Payer’s requirements as well. The benefit of this form will allow for funds, considered payment, to be deposited directly to one or more bank account(s). Many consider this time saver quite a convenience when they wish to receive payment without a weekly or bi-weekly trip to a bank or a check cashing place.

  • Routing Number – 031176110

How to Write

Step 1 – You may download a blank copy of the Capital One Bank Direct Deposit Information Form to your machine by clicking on the PDF button, below the image, on the right. This will enable you to either Print this form then fill it out or enter your information directly with a PDF editor then printing it.

Step 2 – The first item requiring attention is below the introductory paragraph in the form of two check boxes. If this is your first time setting up a Direct Deposit with your employer or with Capital One, then select the check box labeled “Start a new Direct Deposit.” If you are altering the information of an existing Direct Deposit, then select the check box labeled “Change my existing Direct Deposit.”

Step 3 – In the section labeled “Company Information,” enter the Name of the Company that is your employer on the first blank line. Then on the line labeled “Address,” report the Address of your Employer. The third line will be divided into four spaces: “City,” “State,” “Zip,” and “Phone #.” Enter the City, State, Zip Code, and Phone Number of your employer in the appropriately labeled spaces.

Step 4 – You will need to provide some of your personal information in the next section, under the heading “Employee Information.” The first line will provide an area so that you may enter your Full Name then, a separate space for your “Employee ID#/Account #.” Below this you will need to fill in your Social Security Number on the appropriately labeled line. Finally, use the remaining areas (“Address,” “City,” “State,” “Zip,” and “Phone#”)  spread across the next two lines to report your Complete Address.


Step 5 – Next, in the section labeled “Bank & Deposit Information,” you will need to report some basic but vital information. You may report more than one Account to receive your Direct Deposit through this section. If the bank you wish the Direct Deposit to be transferred to is one of the Capital One Banks listed under “Bank #1” then, select the check box that displays the correct routing number. The first one is for the Capital One Bank using the Routing Number 051405515 while the second uses the Routing Number 056073502. You may only choose one of these options. Then, on the line labeled “Account Number,” enter the Capital One Bank Account Number you wish to receive your Direct Deposit in. If you are splitting the Direct Deposit across two accounts then report how much you wish deposited on the blank line labeled “Amount ($) or Percentage.” If you are depositing the full amount then enter “%100” and proceed to Step 7. If you are splitting this deposit, enter the Amount (in dollars or as a percent) you wish deposited then proceed to Step 6.

Step 6 – In the column labeled “Bank #2,” you may report the second Account you would like to receive the remainder of your Direct Deposit in. Report the Name of the Bank holding this account on the blank line labeled “Bank Name,” in this section. Then, on the blank line labeled “Bank Routing Number,” report the exact Routing Number used by that bank. Next, enter the Account Number where you wish this balance to be deposited on the blank line labeled “Account Number.” Finally, report the Amount to be deposited on the blank line labeled “Amount ($) or Percentage.” If you wish to make sure the entirety of your compensation is deposited directly, make sure this compliments the amount entered in the “Bank #1” column (i.e. if you reported %45 in Bank #1 then report %55 on this line under Bank #2).

Step 7 – Locate the statement beginning with the words “I authorize,” then Print the Name of the Employer/Company which will be allowed to make deposits to your Account directly as a result of this form.

Step 8 – Sign your Name on the blank line labeled “Customer Signature” then, provide the Date of Signature on the blank line labeled “Date.” Once you have successfully filled this out, you may turn this in to the appropriate Department in your place of Employment (i.e. Human Resources/Payroll).