NetSpend Direct Deposit Authorization Form

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Updated May 31, 2022

The NetSpend direct deposit authorization form should be filled out then submitted to your employer or a company that will be making regular deposits to your account. Typically, this method of payment is preferred by employees who wish to forgo the process of receiving a paper check rather than having to deposit or cash it. By submitting the correct information and authorization to NetSpend and the Paying Entity, you may have your compensation delivered directly to your NetSpend Card Account.

  • Bank Name – The Bancorp Bank
  • Routing Number – 114924742

How to Write

Step 1 – Download The NetSpend Direct Deposit Enrollment Form from the PDF button below the image on the right side of this page. It is recommended to save a copy for your records, thus you may either fill this form out onscreen using a PDF editor then print two copies or Print the form and copy it once you have filled it out.

Step 2 – In the box labeled “Prepared for,” enter the Name of the Employer who shall be using the Direct Deposit system to deposit money into your account.

Step 3 – On the right, under the words “Choose deposit amount,” indicate how much of the payment should be directly Deposited into your account. If you would like %100 of the check to be directly deposited, select the first box. If you would like a Percentage of the total check to be directly deposited, then mark the second box and report this Percentage on the blank line provided. If you would like a flat rate amount to be deposited, then select the third box and report the set Dollar Amount you would like deposited.

Step 4 – Below the Authorization Statement, locate the blank line labeled “Cardholder Signature,” then Sign your Name on this line. Beside this, on the blank line labeled “Date,” report the Date you are Signing this form.

Step 5 – In the white bubble below the Signature lines, you will need to locate the words “Routing Number,” then report the Routing Number your bank uses. Next, under the words “Account Number,” report the Account Number held at this bank that you wish your money directly Deposit to.

Step 6 – Report the Name of the Bank where you keep your Account on the blank line below the words “Bank Name.”

Step 7 – Make a copy of the completed document for your records, then submit it to your Employer.