New Employee On-Boarding Checklist

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Updated June 27, 2022

The new employee on-boarding checklist is an organizational tool that can be applied during the process of training an employee for a new position. For new employees, the first few days are all about adapting in the new work environment, which means understanding proper procedures, learning what tasks will be assigned to them, meeting coworkers in their department, and getting set up in their workspace, and gathering any supplies they will need to do their job.

The new employee onboarding checklist form is useful to both the new employee and the co-worker that is helping them get settled in. This checklist includes the following important sections of employment: job duties and obligations, socialization, and work environment. While going through each section of the document, one must check off each task as it is completed, ensuring that the new employee will have all the tools they need to become part of a successful team.