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Employee Warning Notice Template

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Employee Warning Notice Template

Updated June 26, 2022

The employee warning form is a document that warns an employee of a violation that has been committed and is usually given as a last resort before letting the individual go. The form should be given to the employee stating exactly what he or she did wrong and how they should conduct themselves if the event should happen again. The employer may also punish the tenant through the Discipline Form through suspension without pay, assigning to lesser duties, or any other legal form of penalization.

Elements of an Employee Warning Notice

An effective Employee Warning Notice will have the following information:

  • The employees first and last name along with date the Employee Warning Notice is being delivered.
  • The Managers information whom the employee reports to.
  • Description of issue and pertinent details in regards to the warning notice.
  • Description of appropriate policies and guidelines that the employee is failing to follow.
  • Any previous liberties the company may have provided to the employee to assist in creating an accommodation.
  • Expectations of when the employee must have evidence of improvement.
  • Signature of employee acknowledging the behavior the notice is for, and agreeing to the corrective action recommended.
  • Signature of the Manager or appropriate entity that delivered the Employee Warning Notice.
  • Provide a follow up date to ensure progress is being met as expected.

Copies of the form should be retained with local Human Resource partners and one should be provided to the employee for their own record keeping.

How to properly warn an employee?

Any employees facing a Warning Notice should have a discussion with their Manager or Human Resources liaison. A first hand discussion could prevent from a Warning Notice having to take place. However, if the discussion does not provide the appropriate behavioral changes, an employer may seek further action against the employee. This would encompass providing an employee with a written warning notice.

Follow-up and Consequences

Should the employee fail to meet the requested corrective action the employee may face suspension, be placed on probation or be subjected to permanent discharge