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Connecticut Employment Contract Templates (4)

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Connecticut Employment Contract Templates (4)

Updated December 22, 2023

A Connecticut employment contract agreement is a written document negotiated by an employer and an employee to define the terms of an employment. The terms and conditions included in this agreement become legally binding once both parties inscribe their signatures. The provisions therein typically outline aspects of the employee’s employment such as income, benefits, vacation days, period of employment, grounds for termination, and other such clauses. An employment contract can be beneficial to both parties, protecting the employee from at-will termination and safeguarding the employer’s trade secrets.

By Type (4)

Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) – Safeguards employers’ confidential information and trade secrets.

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Employee Non-Compete Agreement – Prohibits employees from using employer’s trade secrets to establish or aid a business in direct competition with the employer’s business.

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Independent Contractor Agreement – Outlines terms and conditions of a client/contractor relationship.

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Subcontractor Agreement – Outlines terms and conditions of a contractor/subcontractor relationship.

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Table of Contents

What is an Employee?

“Employee” Definition – Any person “who performs services for an employer in a business of the employer, if the employer has the right to control and direct the person as to (A) the result to be accomplished by the services, and (B) the details and means by which such result is accomplished.”[1]

At-Will Employment

At-Will Employment – Allowed with the exception of “Public Policy” and “Implied Contracts” understandings.

Income Tax Rate (Individual)

Individual Income Tax Rate – 3% – 6.99%[2]

Minimum Wage ($/hr)

Minimum Wage – $11.00[3]



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