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Washington D.C. Subcontractor Agreement

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Washington D.C. Subcontractor Agreement

Updated April 26, 2023

A Washington D.C. subcontractor agreement sets out the obligations of a party hired to perform specific tasks that will contribute to an overall project. Subcontractor agreements will specify what work is required, how it will fit into the timing and structure of the overall project, and the terms and amount of payment. They may also contain insurance requirements, or terms that will control what happens if the subcontractor fails to perform. Subcontractor agreements are most common in the construction industry, in which a client wanting to build something will hire a general contractor who will be responsible for overseeing the project and will hire subcontractors that specialize in various fields to complete the project.

“Subcontractor” Definition

““Subcontractor” means any entity that furnishes labor, material, equipment, or services to a contractor in performance of the contractor’s contract with a District agency.”