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Delaware Subcontractor Agreement

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Delaware Subcontractor Agreement

Updated April 26, 2023

A Delaware subcontractor agreement is a legally binding contract made between a subcontractor and the individual/company that hired them (contractor/project manager). Unlike the main contractor, subcontractors are brought onto a job to complete a specific portion of a project in which they specialize. A subcontractor agreement outlines the tasks the hiring party wishes the hired party to complete and by which date their work should be completed. The contract also includes payment information, responsibilities of the subcontractor, and penalties for failing to adhere to the terms of the contract. Both parties benefit from signing a written contract as it can help resolve any project-related disputes during the working arrangement.

“Subcontractor” Definition

“”Subcontractor” means any person, partnership, firm, corporation or other business association or entity which enters into a contract (oral or written) directly with a prime contractor or directly with another subcontractor, to perform labor or to perform labor and provide materials in connection with such labor, on a site of contract construction located in this State.”