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Nebraska Subcontractor Agreement

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Nebraska Subcontractor Agreement

Updated April 26, 2023

A Nebraska subcontractor agreement is a legal form that enables a contractor to hire a subcontractor and outsource a portion of their work to them. The document establishes the identities of both parties and sets forth regulations determining how the subcontractor’s job will be managed. Defined in the document will be the subcontractor’s work duties, legal obligations, financial compensation, insurance information, and other details concerning the requested service. If the subcontractor consents to the conditions and accepts the job, the agreement should be signed to initiate the subcontractor-contractor relationship.

“Subcontractor” Definition

“Subcontractor means a person or an entity that has contracted to furnish labor or materials to, or performed labor or supplied materials for, a contractor or another subcontractor in connection with a contract to improve real property. Subcontractor includes materialmen and suppliers.

Subcontractor does not include an individual or an entity performing work as a subcontractor on a contract for the State of Nebraska or performing work on a federal-aid or state-aid project of a political subdivision in which the state makes payments to the contractor on behalf of the political subdivision.”