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Oklahoma Subcontractor Agreement

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Oklahoma Subcontractor Agreement

Updated April 26, 2023

An Oklahoma subcontractor agreement is a contract between a contractor and a subcontractor in which the contractor hires the other party to complete work on part of a bigger project. This agreement is separate from that which binds the contractor and the client as it details the business relationship of the contractor and their hired help. Subcontractors may be engaged for any project, as long as the prime contractor (also known as the general contractor) has been authorized to hire other workers through their contract with the client. In some contracts, the subcontractor may also be permitted or instructed to hire their own subcontractors. The agreement must clearly state the rate that the subcontractor is to be paid, any expenses that will be covered by the prime contractor, the date that the work must be finished by, and the payment schedule.

“Subcontractor” Definition

“”Subcontractor” means any entity that has a direct contract with a prime contractor to perform a portion of the work under a construction contract;”