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Residential Subcontractor Agreement

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Residential Subcontractor Agreement

Updated December 27, 2022

A residential subcontractor agreement is a form that used by contractors doing construction, renovations, or any other type of work and elect to hire another individual or company to assist in part of the work. The agreement should outline the duties of the subcontractor such as employee responsibility, materials, equipment, travel, and any other liabilities. After the agreement is signed the subcontractor may be able to begin work on the residential property at the start date specified in the agreement.

New Construction

With new construction, there will usually be a general contractor that will be holding a prime contract with the owner or buyer of the property. The prime contract will allow subcontracting rights to perform services in an effort to complete the entire project. It is common for a general contractor to hire subcontractors for foundation work, plumbing, roofing, electrical, painting, landscaping, re-paving a driveway, or any other service needed.


If an individual or company decides to remodel their home, the contractor may decide to hire a subcontractor if they cannot complete a specified task. For example, if a bathroom is being remodeled, the contractor may hire a plumber or painter only in order to help complete the entire remodel.