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Washington Subcontractor Agreement

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Washington Subcontractor Agreement

Updated April 26, 2023

A Washington subcontractor agreement is a document which outlines the working relationship between a subcontractor (the hired party) and a contractor (the hiring party). A contractor is a worker separate from an employee who is hired to carry out the operations of a client’s project. Often the job will be greater than the resources the contractor has on hand and the hired individual will, in such a case, hire a subcontractor to assist in completing the job. The agreement between these two professionals will define the nature of the work to be performed, the date of commencement and the date by which the task must be accomplished, the manner in which the hired party will be compensated, and otherwise every other provision that will dictate the project’s execution until its completion.

“Subcontractor” Definition

“”Subcontractor” means a general contractor or specialty contractor as defined by chapter 18.27 or 19.28 RCW, or who is otherwise required to be registered or licensed by law, who contracts for the improvement of real property with someone other than the owner of the property or their common law agent.”

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