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Alaska 5-Day Notice to Quit Form (Illegal Activities)

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Alaska 5-Day Notice to Quit Form (Illegal Activities)

Updated March 26, 2024

An Alaska 5-Day Notice to Quit Form is given to the tenant from the landlord in the event the tenant is caught or suspected of conducting illegal activity (such as prostitution, gambling, or illegal drugs) on the property or premises. According to the law, such illegal activities are considered “nuisances.”

Additionally, if the court finds that the tenant is caught conducting illegal activity in another legal proceeding (such as a criminal case, for example) and it is being conducted on particular leased premises, the court can issue an order of abatement that will terminate the tenancy (of the tenant) immediately.

LawsAS § 34.03.220

Notice – The Landlord must notify the lease will terminate on the specified date, as long as the date is within five days and no less than 24 hours after the service of notice. § 34.03.220(1)(a).