California 3-Day Notice to Quit Form | Non-Payment of Rent

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A California 3-Day Notice to Quit (Non-Payment of Rent) form is used to notify a tenant that they are in violation of the lease for the non-payment of rent, and the tenant has three (3) days to correct the issue or be evicted. By law, the notice must accurately state the amount of rent that is due and the name, address, and telephone number of the person/company to whom the rent must be paid.

If the notice is served in person, the landlord should deliver the notice during proper hours, if the landlord is unable to find the tenant at home, they may try to serve the tenant at work. If the address does not accept personal deliveries, the landlord can send it by certified mail. The landlord may use the receipt as proof of delivery. If the tenant sends their (late rent) payment by mail, the law assumes that the received date is the day dated on the postmark. If the landlord’s banking institution is within 5 miles of the unit, the tenant can pay directly to the financial institution if given the street address and the account number of the financial institution.

Helpful Tips Regarding a 3-Day Late Notice

  • The landlord cannot require the tenant to pay late rent in cash.
  • Written notice must include a statement demanding that the tenant must either pay or quit (vacate) the premises.
  • If the rent is corrected within the given 3 days, the tenancy continues as normal.
  • If the tenant offers to pay after the 3 days expire, the landlord has the option to accept or proceed with an eviction. If the landlord accepts after expiration, they give up their right to evict the tenant.
  • The amount entered on the notice must be exact and cannot not contain late fees, interests, or other values that are not part of the defaulted rent.

LawsCal. C. C. P. § 1161(2)

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the California Three-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit by clicking on the “PDF” button on the right then saving the document. Make sure you save it to an easily accessible folder.

Step 2 – On the first line, following the word “To,” report the Full Name of the Tenant being addressed.

Step 3 – On the second line, labeled “Street Address,” report the Street Address of the rental property this form is concerned with.

Step 4 – On the third line, following the words “City of,” report the City where the rental property is located. Then, on the second space on this line, report the California County where the rental unit is located.

Step 5 – On the blank space following the dollar sign, enter the dollar amount that is overdue and must be paid (as per the rental agreement) but has not been received. Then on the line beginning with the words “…following period from,” enter the Start of the Rental Period, then the End of the Rental Period the Tenant has not paid rent for.

Step 6 – Next, you must indicate who the Tenant may pay this overdue amount to. Locate the words “Rent is to be Paid To.” If the individual Signing this document is the party the Tenant must submit this overdue amount to then place a mark in the box labeled “the undersigned…” If the party the Tenant must submit this overdue amount to is another entity, then mark the second box (labeled “the following person”) and enter the Name of this party on the blank space provided.

Step 7 – Now that you have identified the party the Tenant must submit the overdue amount to, you will need to report where the Tenant must submit the overdue amount. Enter the Street Address the Tenant must bring the overdue amount on the blank space labeled “At The Following Address.”  Then on the blank space after the word “…phone,” report the Phone Number, the Tenant may use to Contact the individual at that Address.

Step 8 – Find the area labeled “In The Following Manner” then, report how the Tenant may submit the overdue amount. There are four choices available and you but you should only choose one:

  • If the Tenant should pay in person, mark the first box in this area (labeled “In person…”) then, on the blank space provided, report the Days and Hours when someone is available to receive payment.
  • If the Tenant should pay by mail, mark the second box and enter the Mailing Address the Tenant may use on the blank space provided.
  • If the Tenant is to pay by depositing the payment in an account, mark the third box (labeled “by deposit to account”), then report the Account Number and the Name of the Financial Institution where the payment must be deposited.
  • If the Tenant may transfer the funds, then mark the fourth box (labeled “electronic funds transfer procedure previously established”). In such a case, make sure the Owner/Manager Signs and Dates this line to verify the Tenant and he or she have discussed this procedure.

Step 9 – Below the heading “Proof of Service,” the individual delivering this document to the Tenant, will need to enter his or her Name on the first blank space.

Step 10 – The Date this Notice was served must appear on the second blank space in this section.

Step 11 – There are three methods by which this notice may be delivered. You will need to indicate which method was used here. You may only choose one of the boxes provided and must supply the information required for the method of delivery:

  • If this Notice was delivered directly to the Tenant, then mark the first box and enter the Date the Tenant received it.
  • If this Notice was delivered to an Individual of a suitable age at the Tenant’s residence or place of business, then mark the second box and enter the Month, Day, and Year using the two spaces provided. You will also need to indicate the Calendar Date you mailed this Notice to the Tenant using the third and fourth blank spaces in this choice.
  • If the Notice was Posted in a conspicuous place on the property, then mark the third box and enter the Calendar Date this Notice was posted. If this is the case you will also need to indicate the Date the Notice was mailed to the Tenant on the spaces provided in the second statement of this choice.

Step 12 – At the bottom of this document, the individual serving this Notice to the Tenant must provide the current Date and Sign his or her Name on the blank spaces labeled “Date” and “Signature.” Note: You must deliver this document to the Tenant by the means you have indicated in Step 10.