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Iowa 3-Day Notice to Quit Form | Non-Payment & Danger/Abuse

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Updated January 04, 2024

An Iowa 3-day notice to quit is a memo used by landlords to remove a tenant off the premises for either a late rent payment or due to clear and present danger exhibited by the lessee. If it is due to the payment of rent it must follow Statute 562A.27 and they shall be allowed the time period to either pay the amount due (along with any late fees) or leave the premises. With the clear and present danger notice the tenant does not have a choice but to move out of the property within the term in accordance with Statute 562A.27A.

Types of Notices

3-Day Notice to Quit (Non-Payment) – Can be served the first (1st) day rent is late and eviction proceedings may begin after the third (3rd) day. The tenant must pay the full amount due including the late fees (if any) or face a Forcible Entry and Detainer (FED) lawsuit against them.

3-Day Notice to Quit (Clear and Present Danger) – Should be served immediately when the violation has been found and the tenant has three (3) days to move off the property. The landlord, in their notice, should disclose the violation.

How to Give Notice

The landlord should make multiple copies of this form as it shall be used if the tenant has not moved out of the property or in the case of the non-payment, paid the rent. The form, after completing, should be given to the tenant in one of the following options:

  • Sent via Certified Mail. First-Class mail is acceptable but has the risk of the tenant not acknowledging receiving it due to no signature being involved.
  • Handed personally to the tenant. Either by the landlord/agent or by a professional courier. If the tenant is served personally they should sign the bottom of the document.

Upon the tenant receiving the document, the countdown to the end of the period shall begin.