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Maryland 14-Day Notice to Quit Form | Imminent Danger

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Maryland 14-Day Notice to Quit Form | Imminent Danger

Updated July 18, 2023

A Maryland 14-Day Notice to Quit (Imminent Danger) is a form used by landlords when a tenant residing in their rental unit poses a threat that clearly results in danger and may cause harm to other tenants or even themselves. This notice states that the tenant has fourteen (14) days to vacate the premises due to the violation (breach of imminent danger).

If the tenant refuses to comply after the allotted 14 days are up, the landlord can issue a summons through the courts immediately. If the tenant cannot be found, the sheriff shall affix an attested copy of the summons conspicuously on the property. This shall be deemed as sufficient service after the notice is sent to the tenant by first-class mail. If either party fails to show up to court on the day stated in the summons, the case may be prolonged not less than 6 days nor more than 10 days for continuance.

In the end, if the court determines that the tenant was in breach of the rental agreement, the court will issue the tenant to return possession of the rental unit back to the landlord by the sheriff. Tenant will also be liable for the landlord’s court costs.

LawsMD Code, Real Property, § 8–402.1