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Montana Notice to Quit Form | FOR ALL TYPES

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Montana Notice to Quit Form | FOR ALL TYPES

Updated July 18, 2023

A Montana Standard Notice to Quit (for all Eviction types) is a well-designed legal document created by the Montana Supreme Court that includes every possible scenario a tenant might breach a contract into one single form. A landlord can simply use this document at anytime one of their tenants creates a breach within the rental agreement. When a breach arises, the landlord must go through this notice and give a checkmark next to the paragraph that correlates to the tenant’s breach.

This Notice to Quit form can be used in the following situations:

  • Ending a month-to-month tenancy with 30 days notice
  • Ending a week-to-week tenancy with 7 days notice
  • Failure to pay rent in which the tenant will have 3 days
  • A second lease violation has been committed in the last 6 months; 5 days to move out
  • Criminal/gang/drug-related violation; 3 days to move out
  • Unauthorized pet or person living in rental space; 3 days to remove person/pet or move out
  • Damage to the rental unit or surrounding premises; 3 days to restore or move out
  • Refusing to give lawful access to the landlord; failure to give access within 24 hours, then the tenant will have to move out within 14 days
  • Removed, replaced, or added a lock; tenant must restore within 24 hours or be evicted within 14 days
  • Other non-compliance or violation

LawsM.C.A. 70-24-422, 70-24-441