Montana Lease Termination Letter | 30-Day Notice

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Updated January 23, 2023

A Montana lease termination letter is a form for the cancellation of a month to month lease that has been signed between a tenant and landlord. Due to the agreement not having an end date, the State provides that at lease thirty (30) days be given to either the landlord or tenant when sending notice to the other party. If there is holdover by the tenant after the landlord has sent this official notice they will be subject to a

Laws – § 70-24-441

How to Write

Step 1 – In the first part of the document the landlord or tenant, depending who is filling-it-in, will have to check the applicable box and then write the dates, along with the amount of time the other party will have as notice. Thirty (30) days is the minimum.

Step 2 – If the tenant is filling-in the form they should mark down the forwarding address to where the landlord may send their Security Deposit (if any) that was given in the beginning of the term.

Step 3 – The Certificate of Service should be sent to the other party which is legal notice which may be needed at a later time if the other party claims to have never received the letter.