Wisconsin 14-Day Notice to Quit Form | 2nd Violation

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Updated June 01, 2022

A Wisconsin 14-day notice to quit (2nd violation) is a form that a landlord serves to a tenant who breaches a lease agreement twice in the same year. Whether the second violation pertains to the failure to pay rent or due to some other violation of the rental agreement, the landlord may terminate the rental agreement and require the tenant to vacate the premises within 14 days after the notice is served.

Laws – W.S.A. 704.17(2)(a)704.17(2)(b)

How to Write

In order to serve a 14 day notice to quit, the tenant had to been previously delivered a notice to quit within the past year for this second notice to be served. Fill in the 14-day notice to quit with the following information.

  • The tenant’s name and address
  • If the tenant’s 2nd violation was due to nonpayment of rent, select the violation in accordance with 704.17(2)(a) and enter the date in which rent was due. If the 2nd violation was due to the terms and conditions within the rental agreement, other than the nonpayment of rent, select the violation in accordance with 704.17(2)(b) and give a description.
  • Date signed and delivered
  • Landlord’s signature, address and telephone number.