Wisconsin 5-Day Notice to Quit | Leases of a Year or LESS

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The Wisconsin 5-Day Notice to Quit (Leases of a Year or Less) is form given to a tenant as written notice to notify him or her of their violation which can be for the nonpayment of rent, material violation, or the breach of any covenant or condition of the tenant’s lease. For any of these violations, the tenant will have the chance to remedy within five (5) days after given notice. The tenant is deemed as complying with the notice if upon receipt they are taking reasonable steps to remedy the default or if the tenant makes a bona fide offer to pay all damages which caused the breach.

2nd Violation Notice – If this is the 2nd violation in a twelve (12) month span, the landlord has the option to terminate the rental agreement.

Laws – § 704.17(2)

How to Write

This notice can be used in two ways depending on which violation description you decide to choose. Fill in the form as follows:

  • Name and address of the tenant
  • Select the violation type. If for the violation of nonpayment of rent, enter the date in which it was due. For all others, enter a description.
  • Date the form
  • Signature of the landlord is needed and his/her address and phone number