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Internet Usage Policy

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Internet Usage Policy

Updated July 17, 2023

An internet usage policy outlines a user’s rights and privileges while using an internet connection. Most usage policies do not guarantee the user’s right to privacy and are not responsible for any malware or viruses that may infect a device. The user agrees to not conduct illegal activity and to browse content that is suitable for all ages.

By Type (2)

Employee User Policy

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Guest User Policy

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Table of Contents

Where to Display

It’s best to display the usage policy in clear view for all to see. The WiFi name and password (if any) should be listed on the same document as the usage policy. in this case, every user must glance over the usage policies before accessing the internet.

Recommended Areas (6)

  • Apartment Complex – At the entryway or hallways.
  • Hotel – In the lobby and in each room.
  • Internet Café – On each wall.
  • Restaurant – On each wall and at each table.
  • Office – At the entranceway or printed and distributed.
  • University – In each lobby and on bulletin boards.