MBA Letter of Intent

Updated December 28, 2022

An MBA letter of intent is a type of short essay sent to admissions committees by applicants to a particular MBA program. A letter of intent, also known as a statement of purpose, gives the committee a chance to understand the applicant’s goals and motivation.

This letter of intent could help the committee decide who would take advantage of the opportunity the most. They want to know what interests the applicant so much about this program and the school in particular.

It’s important to read a school’s admissions instructions as each program will require different admissions packages and, in some cases, may not even require a letter of intent. If the school does require a letter of intent, one should research the program, faculty, alumni, and other valuable information that one can use to write a convincing letter.

What is an MBA?

An MBA, or Masters of Business Administration, is a type of professional graduate degree that can lead to a number of career opportunities. While an MBA curriculum focuses heavily on accounting, economics, finance, and marketing, this type of degree will train students on how to manage projects and individuals in many positions. The most common job of an MBA recipient is general management, but finance/accounting, marketing/sales, and entrepreneurial positions follow closely behind.

Throughout an MBA program, students will apply ideas from the classroom to situations and projects in the real world. This exposes them to various business functions that can be helpful in a wide range of industries and opportunities. To gain acceptance into an MBA program, a school’s board of admissions will look at applicants’ undergraduate GPA, academic transcripts, exam scores, work experience, letters of recommendation, and, in some cases, extracurricular and volunteer activities.

Full-time MBA programs will take two years to complete. However, accelerated programs and part-time curriculums are available to students.

MBA Letter of Intent – Sample

Megan Knowles
160 W 9th St, Casper, WY, 82601
(307) 254-3098

March 6, 2017

University of Washington Foster School of Busines
1410 NE Campus Pkwy, Seattle, WA, 98195
(260) 543-9686

Dear admissions committee,

I would like to first express my appreciation for the opportunity to apply to the Foster School of Business. I have been interested in pursuing my Masters in Business since I graduated high school and I believe that the University of Washington is the best place for me to accomplish this goal. I would consider it a great success to be among such notable alumni as Andrew Brimmer, Bruce Nordstrom, William S. Ayer, among other great achievers.

I have earned my BA in economics from the University of Wyoming where I maintained a 3.2 GPA. I made the Dean’s list twice during my time at UofW and, as you can see by my recommendation letters, my professors and I got along very well. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and I am happiest when I am researching a subject that interests me, and the world of finance and economics I find endlessly fascinating.

Post-graduation, I applied for a number of intern positions at insurance and trading companies as well as hedge funds before finally deciding to intern at Streamline Capital. I must admit, I was fortunate that I had a connection at the company as it is usually very hard to get in without prior work experience. At Streamline, I was able to better understand the markets and how to manage investments. I was awarded Intern of the Month on three separate occasions. I believe it wasn’t just my knowledge of the field that helped me attain this honor but also my ability to take charge of a project and maintain course until completion. It was through this job that I knew I wanted to do more than study the markets and invest money. I want to become a leader and I want to pave new roads for the future of finance.

I took the GMAT last fall and received a score of 685. This along with my other academic achievements validate my application, but I believe that it is my passion for the field and for the program at Foster School of Business that will set me apart from other applicants. If accepted, I aim to make the most out of my time at the University of Washington and continue that success throughout my career.

I would be happy to provide any additional information. Thank you for your time.


Megan Knowles