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Non-Profit Meeting Agenda Template | Sample

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Non-Profit Meeting Agenda Template | Sample

Updated August 08, 2023

A non-profit meeting agenda is a roadmap to help guide a non-profit’s board or staff meeting. The agenda includes details regarding fundraising, finance, programming, nominations, and other relevant business. It is crucial to maintaining structure and order to the meeting and the secretary uses it to outline the meeting minutes.

Table of Contents

Formatting (10 Parts)

I. Opening

The meeting chairperson welcomes everyone to the meeting and establishes the goals of the meeting.

II. Attendance

The appointed secretary records all attendees and important absentees.

III. Agenda Approval

The secretary distributes the current agenda to all attendees to review. Anyone can suggest additions or deletions, and then the meeting chair leads the group in a vote to approve the final agenda.

IV. Previous Meeting Minutes

The secretary distributes the minutes from the group’s previous meeting and everyone reviews them for accuracy. The meeting chair then leads the attendees in a vote to approve the minutes.

V. Fundraising

The fundraising chair presents a report about current fundraising endeavors and potential opportunities for the future. They also provide any relevant updates regarding partners and sponsors.

VI. Finance

The finance chair reviews the current budget and plans for building the next year’s budget. They also lead a discussion in short- and long-term financial goals for the organization and how the current and future budgets are meeting those goals.

VII. Programming

The programming chair leads a discussion about lessons learned from programs completed since the last meeting, updates about ongoing programs, and plans for upcoming programs.

VIII. Nominations

The nominating chair discusses any current openings on the board or in management and the search for candidates to fill those positions. If there are any current nominations, the chair leads the group in a vote on the animations.

IX. Other Items

At this point, anyone can introduce orders of business that have not yet been addressed.

X. Adjournment

The secretary finalizes the meeting minutes and the meeting chair approves them. Then the chair calls a formal end to the meeting.

Sample – Non-Profit Meeting Agenda

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