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Meeting Agenda Templates (20)

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Meeting Agenda Templates (20)

Updated August 08, 2023

A meeting agenda is a document that provides a roadmap for a meeting. The chairperson will act as a speaker and go through the agenda by each item with the members of the meeting. A meeting agenda is usually approved by the members before or at the meeting.

Once approved, it will be recorded in the meeting minutes and distributed to each member.

Table of Contents

By Type (20)


Basic Formatting (5 parts)

I. Heading Area

  • Title (“[Organization’s Name] Meeting Agenda”);
  • Location of meeting;
  • Date and time; and
  • Purpose of the meeting.

II. Attendance

  • List attendees; and
  • List absentees.

III. Items of Discussion

  • Approval of the agenda;
  • Reports are distributed;
  • Old Business;
  • New Business; and
  • Announcements.

IV. Voting

  • Nominations; and
  • Other items that call for a vote.

V. Adjournment

  • List when the meeting is considered concluded.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who writes a Meeting Agenda?

Woman writing on tablet

A secretary, chairperson, or other recognized person will be the individual to write the meeting agenda. This will usually be distributed to all the members of the meeting before or during the meeting. After writing, the agenda must be approved by a vote of the shareholders or directors.

When does a Meeting Agenda get approved?

Closeup of arms with watch on left and thumbs up on right

A meeting agenda is approved usually after the meeting minutes of the previous meeting are approved by vote. Depending on the charter of the organization, the meeting agenda will either be approved by a board of directors, shareholders, or the attendees.

How to submit a Meeting Agenda?

Hands holding meeting agenda

The secretary will usually submit the meeting agenda to the chairperson to be distributed amongst the attendees. Once distributed, the attendees can give feedback and may use to follow along during the meeting.

When does a Meeting Agenda get distributed?

Woman passing out paper documents on table

The meeting agenda gets distributed when called upon by the chairperson of the meeting. Once distributed and reviewed, it will be voting to approve or reject the agenda will commence.

How to ask for a Meeting Agenda?

Woman showing wall chart with attendee holding hand up

Any director, shareholder, or attendee may request a copy of the meeting agenda when once it becomes available. For some organizations, this may only be right before or during the meeting.