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Pre-Construction Meeting Agenda Template | Sample

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Pre-Construction Meeting Agenda Template | Sample

Updated August 08, 2023

A pre-construction meeting agenda sets forth all relevant discussion items that will be conferred about throughout a pre-construction meeting. Because such meetings can range widely in topics, creating an agenda helps alleviate the density of the meeting and provides attendees with a guide in which to follow throughout the meeting’s duration. It is crucial to plan accordingly before initiating a construction project in order to avoid future difficulties or calamity. A well-prepared meeting, along with an accompanying agenda document, ensures the project’s success and effectively avoids costly mishaps.

Table of Contents

Formatting (8 parts)

I. Meeting Details

The individual in charge of organizing the meeting shall include all pertinent details of the meeting on the agenda. These details include basic information such as time, date, and location.

If the meeting is being held online via video-conferencing software, a dial-in number or URL can be included in lieu of a physical location.

II. Introduction

The meeting shall open with an introductory overview of the agenda. The meeting leader can underscore the items that will be discussed as well as any other information they wish to divulge to the attendees.

On this item, the meeting leader may also officially call the meeting to order if meeting minutes are being recorded. Additionally, those individuals present and absent may be listed on the agenda during this allocated time.

III. Understanding the Contract

Every stakeholder of the construction project should be familiar with the terms and conditions of the contract. Setting aside a brief but thorough review of contractual obligations benefits every individual involved in the project, ensuring all parties fully understand their duties.

IV. Review Plan(s)

A bulk of the meeting will likely be dedicated to reviewing the plan(s) for one final time before physical construction begins. Though all parties have likely examined the plan multiple times before the meeting, it is in good practice to re-iterate the notable concepts to further keep everyone on the same page.

V. Quality Control & Responsibilities

Quality control is a key aspect in fulfilling the intended plans of the project. Therefore, an item on the agenda should delve into how to meet quality standards as well as where each individual’s role falls within the intended quality goal.

VI. Chain of Command

In certain construction projects, particularly larger ones, workers and other parties involved tend to be unclear regarding the chain of command operation. Structuring the hierarchy before the project formally begins allows each member to comprehend their positions and direct supervisors. An agenda item dedicated to clarifying the rankings can go a long way in enforcing communication as the project develops.

VI. Q&A Round

Naturally, questions may arise given the several topics discussed throughout the meeting. An item on the docket that opens the floor to all attendees can serve to clear up any remaining doubts or concerns. One way to perform an effective Q&A involves all meeting attendees chiming in with their input in a roundtable or round-robin-like fashion.

VII. Conclusion

The meeting shall adjourn upon the set end-time or at the discretion of the meeting’s leader. If necessary, attendees can use the time on this item to approve meeting minutes.

Sample – Pre-Construction Meeting Agenda

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