New York Notary Acknowledgment Form

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Updated August 03, 2022

A New York notary acknowledgment form is a form showing that a licensed representative from the State, known as a notary public, has authorized the signatures on a particular document. The purpose of the acknowledgment is for a notary public to verify the signer’s identity and their willingness to sign the document. If the notary is satisfied with the signer’s testimony, they will fill out the notary acknowledgment form, thus providing their official notarization. For a notary acknowledgment, the signer does not need to sign their document in front of a notary public in order for notarization be obtained. Furthermore, in New York, the notary public is not required to provide a seal or stamp, as long as they do supply their signature, the name of their licensing county, and their commission expiry date.

Laws – § 137§ 309, and § 309A

Notary Public License Law – The laws and regulations regarding notary publics and how to become one.

How to Notarize in New York

Step 1 – First, you will need to find a notary public and make an appointment with them. Three (3) options where you can usually find a notary who can notarize a document are listed below.

Step 2 – Before you go to your appointment, fill out the document that you need the acknowledgment for. If a witness for your signature is required, they must sign the document after witnessing your signature; both your signing dates must match.

Step 3 – Attach the New York Notary Acknowledgment form to your document.

Step 4 – Bring the completed package and a valid state ID to your appointment with the notary public.

Step 5 – The notary public will verify your identity by examining your identification and looking over your document to determine its validity. If you have not yet signed your document, sign it at this juncture in the presence of the notary.

Step 6 – If the notary approves the acknowledgment, they will provide their credentials on the attached acknowledgment form (a notary stamp/seal is not required in this state).

Verify a Notary in New York

Step 1 – If you would like to verify a New York notary public, or you need to find a notary in your area, navigate to the Licensee Name Search Webpage and conduct a notary search.

new york department of state division of licensing services website banner

Step 2 – Once the page has loaded, you will need to scroll down to the notary search panel and select Notary Public from the “License Type” drop-down menu.

search by license type

Step 3 – Next, enter at least one of the following pieces of information as your search criteria before clicking the Search button:

  • Last name
  • First name
  • County
  • City
  • Zip code

license type notary public

Step 4 – You will be redirected to a page displaying your search results. Clicking on an individual’s ID number will redirect you to their licensee information page.

notary public search results

Step 5 – On the licensee information page, you will be able to view the individual notary’s ID number, name, business name, business address, county of license, license type, and license expiration date.

notary public licensee information

How to Write (For Notary)

Step 1 – Download the New York State Notary Acknowledgment form in PDF, Word (.doc), orODT format.

Step 2 – Write in the county where you’re certified, the date of the acknowledgment, and the individual whose signature you are acknowledging.

Step 3 – In order to properly complete the notary acknowledgment you must provide the following:

  • Handwritten signature
  • Printed name
  • Title or office
  • Commission expiry date
  • Notary seal or stamp (not required as long as your county and commission expiry date are included on the form)