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Oklahoma Notary Acknowledgment Form

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Oklahoma Notary Acknowledgment Form

Updated September 01, 2023

An Oklahoma notary acknowledgment form is a declaration that a signature is authentic. This method of authentication is often required when dealing with items of great value such as a mortgage, living trust, deed, or vehicle title. Before a document may be notarized, the notary public must verify the individual’s identification to confirm their identity unless the individual is personally known to the notary. Once the document has been signed, the notary may complete the acknowledgment form and return the authenticated document back to the individual.

Laws § 49-119

Notary Handbook – The Oklahoma “Notary Public Guide” offers legal information related to the requirements in becoming a notary as well as the steps necessary to perform proper notarial acts.

How to Notarize in Oklahoma (5 steps)

  1. Find Notary
  2. Complete Paperwork
  3. Provide ID
  4. Sign
  5. Collect

1. Find Notary

The first step in notarizing a document is to locate a notary public within the State. In Oklahoma, a notary public can be found at several locations including the following:

2. Complete Paperwork

All documents being notarized should be completely filled in to the extent of the signature area which should remain empty. Bring the documents to the notary public and they will review your submission. You may be required to pay a fee for their services.

3. Provide ID

At this point, the notary will request that you identify yourself by providing personal identification. However, if the notary knows you personally, they may instead draft a statement indicating their personal knowledge of your identity which in turn will negate the need for you to provide identification.

4. Sign

After the notary has reviewed your documents and confirmed your identity, they will ask that you sign the documents being notarized. The notary will then fill in the acknowledgment form to include the information of the notarial act as well as their signature, commission expiration date, title (and rank), and seal/stamp.

5. Collect

The notarized documents should be returned to the individual once the acknowledgment form has been completed by the notary public.

Verify a Notary in Oklahoma (5 steps)

Step 1

In order to verify a notary in Oklahoma, you’ll need to conduct a notary search using the Secretary of State search portal. Navigate to their webpage and locate the “Please select a search method” heading.

oklahoma secretary of state notary search methods page

Step 2

By default, the first available notary search method is “Search by Name.” Before proceeding, you may unselect the checkbox to display both active and inactive notaries. Click Ok when you’re ready to proceed.

notary search by name

Enter the notary’s last and first name in the entry fields. Click Search to submit the search information.

first and last name fields

The following page will provide you with the commission number, full name, and location (county) of each notary whose name matches that of the one (1) entered in your search. Click on a notary’s commission number to review their notary information.

notary public search results by name

Step 3

The second search option available on the main webpage, “Search by Commission Number,” will allow you to enter a specific commission number in order to view the notary information of the corresponding individual. Select the search option and click Ok to continue.

notary public search by commission number

Provide the notary’s commission number in the empty field and click Search to proceed.

field for commission number

The results of your search will be presented on the subsequent page. You can further your investigation on the individual by clicking their commission number (located on the left).

notary public search results

Step 4

If you’d like to search for a notary in a specific county, navigate back to the main search page and select Search by County at the time of appointment. Once selected, click Ok to proceed.

notary public search by county

Choose one (1) of the county names and click Search to proceed.

list of counties

On the following page, you will be provided with a list containing notary information of each notary operating within the previously specified county. Select a notary’s commission number to view more details on the individual.

notary public search results by county

Step 5

The final search option available on the main webpage, “Search by City,” may be selected if you’d like to search for all notaries within a specific city. Select the search option and proceed by clicking Ok.

notary public search by city

Here, you will see a list of Oklahoma cities in which you may search for notaries. Scroll through the list and select a city before clicking Search to proceed.

list of cities

Your search results will be provided on the following page. From the list of notaries, select the commission number of the individual that you’d like to investigate and you will be taken to a page with more information on the person.

notary public search results by city

How to Write (For Notary)

Step 1 – The Oklahoma notary acknowledgment form can be downloaded in PDF, Open Document Text, or Microsoft Word.

Step 2 – Fill in the notary acknowledgment form with the following information:

  • State
  • County
  • Date
  • Name of individual(s)
  • Seal (if any)
  • Notary signature
  • Notary title and rank
  • Notary commission expiration date