Oregon Notary Acknowledgment Form

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The Oregon notary acknowledgment form is a tool that notaries will use when authenticating official documents. The form affirms that the signature(s) provided on the documents are indeed the signature(s) of the individual(s) and that they have signed the form with the mental capacity to do so. This type of authentication is commonly used for business agreements, vehicle titles, living trusts, and real property. In order to notarize a document, the signing individual(s) must appear in person before the notary and prove their identity. The notary will then review the documents, review the signatures of the signer(s), and complete the acknowledgment form to finalize the process. Once notarized, the initial documents will be considered binding and legal.

Laws – § 194.285

Notary Handbook – The Oregon Notary Public Guide explains the requisite steps in becoming a licensed notary as well as proper notarization procedures.

How to Notarize in Oregon

Step 1 – Locate a notary within the State of Oregon. Notary services can be found at a variety of locations including the following:

Step 2 – Before bringing any documents to a notary public, ensure that the forms have been completed with no empty fields remaining; however, signatures may be omitted if not provided as of yet. When ready, bring the documents to the notary to have them examined. Note that these services often demand a small processing fee.

Step 3 – The notary will require the individuals to identify themselves unless the notary has a reasonable certainty of their identities based on personal knowledge. The individuals may present identification documents (e.g. passport, driver’s license, tribal card), or if no identification documents are available, a credible witness may appear before the notary to attest to their identities.

Step 4 – With the documents reviewed and identification confirmed, the notary will proceed to notarize the document by filling out the notary acknowledgment form. This process entails the notary providing their signature, the date, and official seal/stamp to the acknowledgment form. Once notarized, the documents may be returned to the individual(s).

Verify a Notary in Oregon

Step 1 – There is no official notary search function available in Oregon. Therefore, you will need to navigate to a private notary search engine, such as the one provided by 123Notary.com, and conduct your query from there. Go to their website and locate “Oregon Notary Search Methods.”

Step 2 – Specify your desired search method by choosing one (1) of the available options.

Step 3 – If searching for a notary in a specific city, you will need to select the letter from the alphabet that matches the first letter of the city being searched.

A list of cities will be presented just below the alphabet. From the options, select the city in which you’d like to search for notaries.

A list of notaries can be seen on the subsequent page. Scroll through the list and select the name of a notary to review a more in-depth description of the individual.

Step 4 – If conducting a notary search within an Oregon county, select the desired county name from the list of available options.

The following page will provide you with a list of all notaries in that county. Select one (1) of the notary names to review more information on that particular person.

Step 5 – If you’ve elected to search for notaries by alphabetical order, you will be given a list of notaries whose last names start with the letter A. Select a notary’s name to review a brief description of their qualifications.

Step 6 – Should you wish to search for a notary by zip code or by other advanced search options, you will see a page like the one shown below. In the applicable spaces, enter either the individual’s zip code, partial zip code, or notary number. When ready, click the search button which corresponds with the type of search being conducted.

The following page will show a list of notaries matching the information provided in your query. Scroll through the list and select a notary to view more information on the individual and their qualifications. If you searched for a notary by notary number, you will not be provided with a list but instead will be taken directly to their profile page.

Step 7 – The last search option, “New Oregon Notaries,” allows you to view the information of all newly registered notaries in the State. From the list of available notaries, select the one (1) that you’d like to investigate and you will be taken to a page containing more information on the individual.

How to Write (For Notary)

Step 1 – Download the Oregon notary acknowledgment form in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, or Open Document Text.

Step 2 – Provide the following information in the available spaces of the form:

  • State
  • County
  • Date
  • Name of individual(s)
  • Signature
  • Title of office
  • Commission expiry date
  • Stamp/Seal

Step 3 – In “Document Description,” specify the page number on which this certificate will be attached and name the title or type of document. Lastly, indicate the date the document was created and specify the total number of pages within the document.