Vermont Notary Acknowledgment Form

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The Vermont notary acknowledgment form is a verification document proving that a notary public has authenticated an individual’s signature. Documents such as mortgages and living trusts may require acknowledgment in order to confirm that the signatories who have provided their signatures have been identified and that they are in fact the individuals specified within the instrument. The initial documents which require notarization may be signed prior to acknowledgment if necessary. However, it is recommended that the signature fields are left empty so that the notary public may witness the signing. It will be the job of the notary to ensure that the documents are being signed willfully and by the proper individual(s). If the notary public is satisfied with the transaction, they will execute the acknowledgment form to authenticate the signature(s).

Laws § 14 (RULONA)

Notary Handbook – A brief guide to the rules and standard operating procedures for notarial officers operating in Vermont.

How to Notarize in Vermont

Step 1 – A notary public in Vermont can be found at a variety of places including the following:

Step 2 – It is recommended that your documents are filled in completely with exception to the signature fields. A notary public may still acknowledge a signature which was provided prior to acknowledgment, though they may refuse to acknowledge the signature if they believe it has been falsified.

Step 3 – Bring your prepared documents to the notary public for examination. Note that you may be asked to provide a fee for this service. The notary will ask that you identify yourself in order to assure that you are the individual involved in the transaction. If the notary believes that you have properly identified yourself, you will be asked to provide your signature, or if your signature was previously provided, attest to the validity of your signature.

Step 4 – With your documents signed, the notary will complete the acknowledgment form to authenticate your signature and finalize the notarization process.

Verify a Notary in Vermont

Step 1 – Go to the Vermont Secretary of State professional license search portal and select Individual from the two (2) available choices.

Step 2 – Proceed by selecting the Search by Profession option.

Step 3 – Navigate through the list of professions and select Notaries Public. Enter the notary’s name or license number in the search fields and select DISPLAY RESULTS to proceed.

Step 4 – The following page will provide you with a list of all notaries that correspond with your search information. This list shows the notary’s name, license number, and location of residence.

How to Write (For Notary)

Step 1 – The Vermont notary acknowledgment form may be downloaded in the following formats: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Open Document Text.

Step 2 – Fill in the form by specifying the county name, date of acknowledgment, and the name of the person being acknowledged. Lastly, the notary must provide their signature in the remaining field.