» » » Alabama Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement Form

Alabama Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement Form

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The Alabama multi-member LLC operating agreement is for an entity with more than one (1) owner (referred to as a “Member”) to create a mutual understanding for the details on how the business will be run in addition to the percentage of ownership. Although the State of Alabama allows the use of implied or oral arrangements a written contract is always best especially if there are investments (“capital contributions”) made by some of the members.

This form is not filed with the state, but a signed and notarized copy should be kept in possession by every active member, officer, manager and the registered agent.

How to Write

Step 1 – In the header area, enter the name of the company. In the next section include the effective date and up to three (3) members (which are owners). If there are more than three (3) then the rest should be attached and mentioned in an addendum or add more room on the first (1st) page.

Step 2 – In Section 1 enter the following:

  • 1.1 Formation – Effective date (day, month, year), and company name (twice);
  • 1.2 Name – Company name;
  • 1.4 Office – Principal office address;
  • 1.5 Registered Agent – Full name and address of the registered office;
  • 1.6 Term – Usually there is no end date, for which the writer would state “perpetual”;

Step 3 – On Page 9, all the members of the company will write their signature complete with their printed name.

Step 4 – On the first addendum, Listing of Members – Schedule 1, all members will be written with their full names and addresses. They must sign to ensure the details are true and accurate.

Step 5 – On Schedule 2, it should list any and all capital contributions put forth by any of the members (if applicable). The name of the member, their contribution, and their ownership percentage (%) should be presented. Afterwards, the bottom of the page should be signed by all members.

Step 6 – On Schedule 3, the valuation of each member’s interest should be entered pursuant to Article 8 of the agreement. All the members should then sign the bottom.

At this time, the form is complete and should be distributed to all the individuals of the company including all officers, directors, managers, and any other representatives.