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California LLC Operating Agreements (2)

A California LLC operating agreement is a document executed by the owners (members) of a company after formation to outline the rules and procedures for the company's internal operations. It allows the members to record their ownership interest (as a percentage), enter capital contributions, appoint officers, and decide company management.
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By Type (2)

Single-Member LLC Operating Agreement – To be used by a single-member company where there is one owner.

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Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement – This form is for use by companies that would have more than one contributing member and would be member-managed.

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State Definition

“Operating agreement” means the agreement, whether or not referred to as an operating agreement and whether oral, in a record, implied, or in any combination thereof, of all the members of a limited liability company, including a sole member, concerning the matters described in subdivision (a) of Section 17701.10. The term “operating agreement” may include, without more, an agreement of all members to organize a limited liability company pursuant to this title. An operating agreement of a limited liability company having only one member shall not be unenforceable by reason of there being only one person who is a party to the operating agreement. The term includes the agreement as amended or restated.


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